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|Androids will Dream of a Better CX

Androids will Dream of a Better CX

Time is now consumers’ greatest and most valuable commodity – if your CX approach means wasting their time, your customers won’t waste their time in churning in persist of better service. This is why it’s crucial organisations fully embrace service to help customers help themselves.

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by Sitel staff May 11, 2021 - 1 MIN READ

When properly designed and executed self-service  – be it FAQs, chatbots, user communities, and forums or dedicated web portals –  unlock cost efficiencies and add value. Self-service can deflect between 30-50% of contact volumes into live channels  – cutting hold times for those customers in phone or live chat queues. What’s more, it’s available day and night and, when integrated into an omnichannel strategy can seamlessly escalate customer issues to live agents, who are ready to act thanks to information captured by chatbots or conversational IVRs that serve as gatekeepers into live channels.

In this not-so-typical webinar, CX experts Simon Hunt and James Bednar will debate various approaches that real companies are taking to their customer experience strategies.

Join this lively discussion to hear differing viewpoints on both traditional and innovative implementations around the globe.

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