Enabling the work at home agent model is now more essential than ever to tap into top talent and ensure business continuity in today’s rapidly changing environment 

Talented and diverse agents are at the heart of delivering the best customer experience (CX). But in today’s competitive market – and with recent threats to workplace disruption as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic – having a scalable, flexible and resilient workforce is more important than ever to meet your business needs and deliver the best CX for your customers.

The work at home agent model supports the increasing demand for at-home work and gives you access to an unlimited talent pool while minimizing disruption to your business operations.

Go beyond geographical barriers with work from home talent

The last decade brought major changes to the workplace, shaped by advances in technology and a new generation of workers with progressive ideas on what employment should look like. With today’s hiring environment more competitive than ever, companies are forced to expand their horizons to find the best talent in the world – literally.

Built to deliver security and speed, the work from home agent model offers the ability to tap into a previously inaccessible talent pool. Without the geographical limitations of traditional brick and mortars, sourcing and recruiting from a larger talent pool can significantly improve your hiring strategy.

Hire specialized talent

Your customer service needs are unique. By sourcing and recruiting from a wider candidate pool, you open the door to specialized talent, better equipped to handle more complex work types.

The work from home agent model enables businesses to target and hire niche talent with licenses, skill sets or vertical-specific expertise and brand affinity that can enhance the quality of each customer interaction – all while building brand loyalty. This allows you to tap into a diverse virtual workforce that is:

  • Better educated
  • More reliable
  • Flexible
  • Has greater work and life experience (veterans, retirees and homemakers)

Flex and scale to your needs

In today’s omnichannel world, business spikes come fast, furious and frequent – and companies must be able to meet scalability and flexibility needs, all while delivering uninterrupted CX.

The work at home agent model is a robust solution for organizations that need to flex to their customers’ ever-changing needs. Scale up or down at a moment’s notice with a virtual workforce that is primed and ready to support your seasonal and year-round customer needs.

Reduce costs

Without the need to provide equipment or office space, companies adopting work at home agents versus a traditional brick and mortar location experience bottom-line savings through reduced call center operating costs, passing those savings on to your business.

Reduce agent attrition

Attrition and absenteeism rates for work at home agents are below the industry average. At-home agents benefit from increased work-life balance, plus the convenience, comfort and amid today’s global pandemic, the necessity of working from home. They also save time and money from not having to commute to the office.

Happy agents = happy customers

It’s simple –  the employee experience is the customer experience. With flexibility, lack of commute and comfortability, the work at home agent model creates engaged agents that build better relationships with customers, provide more knowledgeable service and deliver experiences that drive customer loyalty.

Committed to delivering continuity in uncertain times

Business continuity is a priority in this unprecedented time. Every business is navigating the new challenges of keeping their business running, while keeping their employees and clients safe. Having an at-home workforce is a sustainable way to support your customers in times of crisis, while increasing employee engagement.

Sitel at Home

Built with business continuity and resiliency at the core, Sitel at Home is a robust solution designed to deliver seamless, uninterrupted CX in the face of an unforeseen event; whether it’s seasonal spikes, managing a product recall or responding to a global pandemic like the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Powered by a virtual network of thousands of tenured agents ready to step in at a moment’s notice, Sitel at Home offers additional resiliency and flexibility to clients during times of uncertainty, while also giving access to top talent.

Our teams are committed to supporting our clients and their customers throughout the coronavirus pandemic. To ensure continuity across our clients’ campaigns, we have transitioned thousands of our brick and mortar agents globally to the Sitel at Home model. This approach offers greater resilience and enables social distancing to be practiced amongst agents choosing to remain in brick and mortar locations.

We are also supporting new clients with agility and speed to build additional resilience to their current CX as they review their Business Continuity Plans. We have team members available to discuss how we can best support your evolving business needs.

To learn how Sitel at Home can support your business continuity planning during the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit: https://www.sitel.com/capabilities/work-at-home-solutions/


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