We believe every organisation can build stronger brand engagement and drive long-term business growth by unlocking the power of customer experience (CX). Our mission is to empower brands to build stronger relationships with their customers by creating meaningful connections that boost brand value.

Engagement, we believe, is a direct outcome of the empathy created when teams – invested in the delivery of your brand promise – work with a deep understanding of your customers and their unique needs. By bringing people, data and technology together, we create compelling experiences for your customers in the moments that matter.

The Sitel Group® Difference

Our job is to wow your customers.

We deliver 4.5 million brand experiences across the world every day that bring brands closer to their customers, and yet, consumers don’t know our name or who we are. But this is our goal, because delivering meaningful experiences on your behalf is our No. 1 priority.

We’re committed to helping you build lasting relationships with your customers – relationships that drive loyalty, advocacy and confidence – to ensure your business thrives and flourishes in today and tomorrow’s competitive landscape.

No matter where your customers are on the map, you want to be close to them – wherever and whenever they need support. Acting as an extension of your team, we enable you to create connections with your customers across channels that fulfill your brand promise.

With innovative solutions, cutting-edge technologies and 100,000 highly trained experts on your team, you stay ahead of expectations by delivering personalised, differentiated CX for your customers.

Problem-solving innovation.

Leading brands never stand still; they are constantly innovating to meet changing and evolving consumer needs. Groundbreaking innovation comes to life when specialists with diverse viewpoints, inspired by your vision and goals, ask “what if?” to reduce effort and create solutions for your customers’ needs.

We innovate to enable you to lead the pack. By blending the latest digital-first technologies from across a diverse partner ecosystem with the skills of customer-centric pros, you benefit from the competitive advantages created by embedding artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA) and deep data analytics in your team.

Data-driven insights and innovation allow you to build the future with confidence, knowing you have agility and true customer insights in your toolkit. As a leading global CX provider, Sitel Group brings grounded ideas to the table. We collaborate with your internal teams to inspire what is possible, validate what works and ensure you benefit from efficient ramp ups and the maximum return on your investment.

Innovation demands an eternal curiosity and a passion to improve, refine and iterate. You benefit from an approach built on diverse thinking, empowered by a unique user-centric design brought to life through the Sitel® MAX methodology, within the scope of your individual business goals and brand promise. Our commitment is a partnership that connects your brand with big ideas that add customer value – delivering authentic, brand-led experiences.

Boost your efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Your brand is unique, with distinct values, objectives and goals. That’s why you need solutions that support your individual needs. EXP+™, the enterprise experience platform from Sitel Group, delivers integrated and vertical-specific solutions, tailored to you.

By selecting the most appropriate foundational technology, building upon it and applying our expertise to meet your individual needs you benefit from a solution that’s ideal for you today and ready for tomorrow.

Best-in-class CX sets the world’s best-loved brands apart from the rest. Your customers are actively looking for an outstanding, differentiated CX and reward businesses that deliver. Because the definition of good CX is constantly changing, EXP+ delivers the forward-thinking solution you need to stay ahead of customer expectations.

EXP+ is a flexible solution with complete cloud capability that boosts efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction. From performance management to chat, email and voice-based contact centre solutions to digital transformation, automation, data-driven insights and CX consulting, EXP+ delivers more. Within this ecosystem, elements work individually or come together seamlessly to create greater efficiency and more business value while driving continuous improvement across your CX delivery.

We succeed when you succeed.

Our success is 100% reliant on your success. That’s why we’re committed to building mutual relationships that reward us when you achieve your goals.

Whether you’re a startup or in the FTSE 100, the cornerstone of brand loyalty is trust. To consistently deliver against your brand promise, you must cite clear goals and build a deep understanding of your customers’ needs and experience, to create long-term benefits.

Leveraging a data-driven understanding of your customers reveals their growing needs. By listening to and understanding your strategic business challenges alongside your customers’ expectaions, our team works as an extension of your own to inspire and deliver agile, transformative approaches.

Breaking down silos and consolidating data across disparate systems and tools, our approach ensures you have the most relevant and powerful insights at your fingertips, to drive innovative solutions that consistently meet and exceed your goals.

Your Competitive Edge

As a global CX solutions leader, we design, build and deliver a competitive edge across customer touchpoints to bring you closer to your customers.

With our award-winning culture and industry-leading experience, we improve your business results by pairing design thinking, innovation and digital solutions with the expertise and empathy of our people to Create Connection. Value Conversation.

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