Through our business-wide approach to excellence in execution, you can be sure of consistent service-levels and a focus on iterative improvements, ensuring you continue to meet and exceed your business goals.

Global Operating Standards (GOS)

No matter where you are on the globe, you can rely on us to deliver the same consistent level of expertise and knowledge.

For more than 35 years, Sitel Group® has delivered great customer experiences (CX) for the world’s best-loved brands. This experience has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of what is required to operate an industry-leading contact centre.

Our foundation for success is a proven global operating approach from which we build truly tailored customer-centric solutions. We call this approach our Global Operating Standards, or GOS.

GOS is a living, breathing methodology that aligns our team globally to the activities that matter most to you and your customers. From hiring, developing and retaining the best talent through to closely aligning to your individual needs and improving our day-to-day performance, GOS is enabled by digital tools and training modules that empower our people to succeed on your behalf.

Through our global social platform Workplace, we share best practices and celebrate practical success stories and new approaches, continually improving the standards to which we work to each day.

GOS is constantly evolving alongside our business and your needs. Sitel® MAX is the innovation engine that leverages our frontline teams to identify and develop new best practices and imbed them into our operating standards so we can apply them consistently across the globe. Through Sitel MAX, GOS continually raises the bar.

For you and your customers, GOS means:

  • Best-in-class training programmes to ensure our people are equipped to succeed with faster speed to proficiency and more confident, engaged customer interactions
  • Great performance across all business metrics to ensure the best CX and increased sales revenues delivered cost effectively
  • Consistency through common performance language wherever in the world we’re supporting your operations
  • Scalability, flexibility and pace are inherent in your services

In today’s global marketplace, where customer experience solutions often function across a virtual contact centre, GOS ensures we act as one team delivering a seamless experience for you and your customers across geographies.

Continuous Improvement

Creating an efficient operational process poised for successful implementation.

At Sitel Group, continuous improvement is more than a methodology. Continuous improvement is embedded in our culture through our Values. Our associates are empowered to identify and share their ideas for ongoing improvement in our processes and tools. Sitel MAX creates a clear route for associates to funnel innovation to the teams that can bring their ideas to life.

While all associates are a part of driving continuous improvement across functions, certified resources are on hand to lead projects and offer support as needed.

Our Continuous Improvement (CI) function exists to drive cost optimisation, customer experience and revenue enhancement for our customers. To achieve these goals, we employ a Lean Six Sigma methodology to create a powerful toolkit for addressing waste reduction and identify opportunities for business improvement across all areas. Our CI team focuses on the efficient delivery of a customer’s core customer requirements, using data-driven decision making and change management to reduce and eliminate activities that add limited value.

Six Sigma Certified Process Improvement

Six Sigma certified Green Belt process improvement and performance managers are on-hand to support site-based management teams through hands-on data analysis and statistical process control. They seek out opportunities to deliver an even more positive customer experience. They lead the process and quality efforts needed to deliver additional value to our customers.

Our Green Belts work alongside Six Sigma certified Black Belts, who focus on defined continuous improvement projects, which may include:

  • Customer and customer satisfaction
  • Cost reduction
  • Waste elimination
  • Quality structures
  • Associate satisfaction
  • Process efficiency
  • Functional performance

Our primarily frontline team of Sitel MAX Insiders often generate continuous improvement projects. Find out how Sitel MAX empowers agents to shape their tools and processes for better business results.

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