Learning Tribes

Learning Tribes, a global EdTech and training organisation, delivers industry-leading professional development and training services in furtherance of individual and corporate objectives. With learner engagement and outcomes at the forefront, Learning Tribes directly and meaningfully supports the acceleration of speed to competency and achieves success as a result of its deeply rooted dedication to cutting-edge tools and pedagogically sound principles. Learning Tribes partners with corporations at the conception of the learning strategy and selection of the appropriate methodology to and through the implementation and launch of the right education technology. Mixing instructor-led, face-to-face training with digital and mobile learning, bespoke curricula and a plethora of technologies, including AR and VR, Learning Tribes employs a holistic, blended-learning approach that expertly aligns with each client’s intended outcome(s).


An omnichannel customer service solution that empowers organisations to transform their CX, innso was born in the heart of the contact centre environment. Its software solutions stand out from the crowd because of a unique inside-out approach to development. Innso’s technology does more than recognize customer expectations, it meets the needs of on-site professionals and crucially customer service agents. As a result, from contact centres to physical stores and from in-house services to field operations, innso’s suite of applications delivers a truly integrated approach to service, enabling users to interact across any number or combination of touchpoints while being certain of a unified, consistent experience and a continuous conversation.

Sitel Insights

Blending unrivaled contact centre understanding with statistical expertise and advanced analytics, Sitel Insights leverages speech and text analytics plus data-driven AI to give companies the clearest possible customer insights. Providing clients with a real-time view of how each customer is connecting with their brand and the sentiment they feel towards it, Sitel Insights puts businesses in complete control of their data and gives them the power to shape CX in the moment, predict and anticipate customer behavior, reduce churn and convert detractors into advocates.

TSC (European only)

TSC specializes in customer relations and customer experience innovation. From conversational business expertise and chatbots, to social networking and managing communities, its team of digital experts, data analysts, designers and creative IT professionals work in synergy to imagine, build and bring to life new experiences, built on trust, that create conversations between brands and their customers to further enhance the customer experience for your customers.

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