We’re proud to have built an award-winning culture that empowers our people around the globe to walk their own path and inspire each other to leverage their own unique skills. Our Values remind us to harness the power of diverse groups to deliver greater value.

Our people share their stories as Empowered Voices. Read on to meet the people using their own unique strengths to solve problems and deliver exceptional customer experiences every day.

Sophie Lilith Paige

Customer Service Representative, Swansea, United Kingdom

“I’m a transgender woman living in the U.K. and I’m proud of who I am, especially because of how far I’ve come. I realised when I was only 12 years old that something was different; I had a growing feeling of unpleasantness in my body and all of the uncertainty that came with it. I withdrew socially, and enjoyed my favorite hobbies less and less every day.
Now I’m working at Sitel Group® and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this wonderful team! The LGBTQ+ messages each Pride Month really do go above and beyond a standard company. They make me feel safe and represented. I am so happy about the positive reactions from everybody, especially those that learn new things and enter with an open mind.”

Cesar Saavedra

Learning Specialist, Colombia

“Working at Sitel Group® is an amazing experience. It has given me the confidence to do what I love and feel passionate about and to do them as my true self. From day one my coworkers have made me feel welcome and comfortable and have shown me that what really matters is the person inside you-what makes you human. Sitel Group’s environment shows that everyone is beautiful in their own particular way and that every single one of us matters. #LoveSitel”

Alan Denton

VP – Finance, New Zealand & United States

“My Sitel Group® journey began in 2001. The company I worked for back in New Zealand needed contact centre support, and Sitel Group was chosen to support us. Over six years, we went from 130 to 360 agents, merged systems, redefined our customer journey and went from survival and striving for competence, to a true partnership focused on excellence and NPS.
When I moved to the United States in 2008, I was lucky to land in Nashville, and in 2009 I started a temp role at the then Sitel Group HQ. More than a decade later, I am still here. There are four reasons why.

  • I’ve been blessed with great managers (eight, in fact, over this time). All have let me learn, provided great guidance and supported my development
  • I believe in the company. Having been a customer, I know what a difference a great partner can make. I trust the leaders when they set out their direction, their goals and ambitions. I see the investment in our future.
  • I feel I make a difference. I can look back and feel proud of what I have achieved, and see the impact of my actions on current successes.
  • I got a phone call. My father, back in New Zealand was in the hospital, diagnosed with a brain tumor, and I had to get home. I rang my boss and told him I had to take some emergency leave. Within 30 minutes, I received a phone call from the CEO. He told me to programme his number into my wife’s phone, and that while I was dealing with family stuff, if she needed any support back, she was to call him. WOW! I had been with the company for less than 12 months, and I was being treated like family. Over the next 24 months, Sitel Group supported me as my Dad fought and finally succumbed. Someone in Sitel Group cared enough to give me a phone call – I will never forget that kindness, and I have worked hard to repay that trust. I have seen that kindness, that support, repeated time and time again with different people around this company. “Sitel Group cares” is not an empty mantra. It happens.”

Alexandra Nouvellon

HR Manager, France

“I was hired as an HR manager within Sitel Group® in 2015 with 15 years’ experience in customer relations. When I met Marc Dayries and Laurent Uberti, I was immediately impressed about their vision of human resources. Since then, I have worked in employee relations within the French region and Sitel® Blois. I’m proud to say our leadership’s vision is carried out in our sites from the top down through all of our associates.”

Heather Demi Fernando

Customer Service Representative, Baguio, Philippines

“Breast cancer is close to my heart and my experience with it has affected me in many ways. In 2018, my mother passed away due to breast cancer. When she was diagnosed, it was already at an advanced stage. I was already with Sitel Group® then and I had the most difficult time juggling work and taking care of her. At one point, I even considered quitting to look after her full-time. I decided to stay and I was thankful because I found a compassionate support system in my colleagues. My managers allowed me to take the time I needed to tend to her.

Some of them visited to check in on us and some even initiated a small donation drive. According to breastcancer.org, having a first-degree relative diagnosed with breast cancer doubles my risk but does not necessarily mean I’d also have it. Since then, I have done research on steps to reduce the risk as low as possible. It includes simple lifestyle choices such as eating healthy and avoiding processed food, staying physically active and having regular checkups with a doctor.

I am glad to be part of a company that advocates Breast Cancer Awareness. I am glad to be part of the Sitel® Philippines Barkada.”

Venci-Slav Kalchev

Customer Service Representative, Sofia, Bulgaria

“In March 2020 as the situation with COVID-19 went crazy, I was on the lookout for a job and I applied for a position that was open in Sitel® Sofia. The first thing that amazed me was how quick and easy everything happened. While most of the companies were postponing or canceling their interviews, everything at Sitel Group was running smoothly and all the needed safety measures were taken. I saw a lot of teamwork, and I know that it was not as easy as it seemed for the people in the HR department. Kudos!”

Aubrey Holmes

Coach, Sitel at Home™, United States

“While working on my campaign, a gentleman stationed at Fort Campbell U.S. Army base called. He came home from deployment and found his dryer not working. My father was at this very station years ago, and I automatically felt grateful for his service and wanted to assist.

While going through his history, he told me of how many soldiers he had lost and how hard it was to come home – and then the cherry on his cake was his dryer not working. Determined to give the best service back to him, I found a way to qualify him for a replacement. There’s nothing more rewarding than being told thank you for your help from one who helps defend us. Really sir, the honor was all mine to give back.”

Alisha Lee

Escalation Specialist, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

“I am passionate about service and strongly believe that every customer deserves to be given the same experience that I would want myself or a loved one to receive. As an Escalation Specialist, I hear from some of the most passionate callers. During challenging conversations, I always remind myself that “feelings are never wrong.” For me, this means that while an issue may seem small to some, to this person, it’s the only thing that matters at that moment. Taking the time to actively listen, assist every customer and view them as a person – not just another voice at the end of the line – no matter the issue at hand is important to me. Through my training and development during my three years at Sitel Group®, I’ve been empowered to create meaningful connections with the customers I serve.”

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