CX Technology

Transform with best-in-class CX technologies.

Operations-First Customer Experience (CX) Technology

At Sitel Group® we deliver the optimal platforms, tools and solutions to keep your customer and associate experience at the highest level.​

Our CX technology is an enabler for service rather than a barrier between agent and customer. When we build a technology solution for you, our goal is to create an end-to-end omnichannel platform that reflects your organization’s unique customer demands. ​

This proven approach to building and integrating innovative new technology begins with existing legacy systems, identifying the best approach to fold in new solutions for seamless integration, and elevating the customer and associate experience through connective technologies​ that drive efficiency and value.


Omnichannel Adoption


Cost Per Contact




Speed to Proficiency


Agent Efficiency


Agent Desktop

Coach and Empower Your Teams Whatever Their Location

Virtual Communication Platform

Bring your in-center and work-at-home agents together in a shared, virtual and secure environment

  • Inclusive workspace
  • Real-time engagement
  • Natural and easy interactions

Associate Performance Management

Performance at the fingertips of operational teams, positively impacting your customer experience.

  • Enable agents
  • Support learning
  • Increase competency

Ensure a Unified Conversation and Efficient Inquiry Resolution

A unified and fully cloud-capable technology stack that enables efficient management of all customer inquiries.

Unified Agent Desktop

Put the most relevant information at agents’ fingertips.

Case Management & Orchestration

Maximize efficiency with customizable workflows and systems integrations.  

Messaging Platform

Continuous conversation whatever the channel of choice for your customers.

Omnichannel Telephony Platform

Telephony technologies for more effective service.

Self-Service Solutions

Improved customer service and resolution times with reduce workloads.

Connect, Accelerate and Elevate Front Office and Back Office Processes

Simplify, digitalize and automate journeys to enhance the customer and associate experience. Apply automation pathways to common problems, connecting data to workflows and human activity to accelerate business performance.

Boost Back Office Productivity and Decision-Making Insights With Sitel® Decisioning & RPA

  • Remove the human component from many repetitive, complex, rule-based actions.  
  • Focus attention on value to the customer at a pace and cadence that best fits your operational requirements. 

Accompany and Accelerate Agents With Sitel® Digital Assistant

  • Combine a full-time agent assistant, real-time coach and always-on knowledge manager.
  • Assist each agent with the completion of administrative tasks, improve live performance, ensure standardization and provide contextual knowledge items.

Resolve Requests via the Fastest, Most Efficient Channel With Sitel® Visual IVR

  • Put information at your customers’ fingertips.
  • Digitally resolve your customer inquiry or reroute to an omnichannel interface.
  • Deflect voice-based interaction.

We Recommend, Design and Build the Most Effective Integrated Technology Solutions for You


We guide and support our customers to improve and change their technology ecosystem whenever necessary.


We empower operations with tools and solutions that enhance their day-to-day work.​


We help organizations to break silos, increase efficiencies, optimize costs and achieve truly successful transformation.​


We build co-creation programs to create the future of customer experience with our customers and partners.​

Delight Customers With a Seamless Customer Experience and Empower Your Associates With the Best-In-Class Contact Center Technology and Software

Discover the Sitel Group® Proprietary Software Suite


An all-in-one Unified Agent Desktop with case management and a messaging platform.


Enable agents and teams to collaborate across customer accounts. 


Learning experience platform specifically optimized for the CX world.


Enable coaches and agents follow and improve performance in real time.


24/7 support via a customizable chatbot experience.


A self-service solution for easy management of tutorials and other relevant website content.

Take advantage of the Sitel Group CX technology ecosystem for CRM/CEM & Telephony, Bots, AI & RPA, and Learning & Social Tools.

Our CX Tech Teams Are at the Service of Our Clients

  • A skilled and available support network
  • Over 1,000 Engineers and Experts
  • Nonstop 24/7/365 live support
  • Technology Intelligence

Consulting & Solutions

Deeply experienced tech and CX operations experts whose skills and service design thinking drive value-added solutions, business benefits, and better outcomes.

Software & Integration

Developers, engineers, and CRM experts offer their expertise for a unified omnichannel offering that leverages automation to serve the customer experience.

Data & Reporting

The Sitel Group statistics team is available to develop ad-hoc reports, bespoke reports, and data storage and comprehensive data analytics solutions.

Telephony & Networking

Over 400 engineers are available to set up network connections (MPLS, VPN, LS) and customize the telephony platform according to client requirements.


24/7/365 support from our teams: on-site engineers, professional services, change management experts who operate according to ITIL best practice principles.

Servers & Systems

Over 100 server engineers put their Unix/Windows expertise to use supporting our operations, and empower you with our cloud solutions.

Protecting your Brand’s Data Every Step of the Way

From Compliance to Proactive, Consultative Support

Your customers rely on you to secure their data, and your business integrity depends upon it. Protecting your customers and your business means working with partners as committed to data security as you are.

Rooted in the Sitel Group value “Build Trust”, our people, processes and technologies act as guardians of your brand, securing your data across each and every interaction.

Protecting Your Business is Our Business

Taking the time to first understand your unique needs and risks, we work with you to consult, advise and deploy our security expertise to protect your data globally.

Technology to Mitigate Work at Home Risks

Software and token-based multi-factor authentication approaches, combined with geolocation technology, trigger actions if login is not from an approved location. Remote agent login acceptance is mapped to IEX schedules, flagging logins outside of expected work schedule.

Consistent Global Approach

Adherence to Global Operating Standards ensures our stringent policies and business continuity practices are applied consistently across locations.

Associate Training & Awareness

Annual digital and interactive security training for every associate. Random fake phishing emails test associate awareness and adherence to protocols.

Improve Your Tech Stack and Combine Technologies to Close the Gap Between Your Teams and Customers


Reduce AHT


Improve FCR


Net Promoter Score


Productivity Gains

More Than Just Technology

Don’t Go It Alone. We’re Here to Help at Every Step.

Our success services enable you to work with our team of experts to deploy a fully integrated platform that is adjusted to your specific needs.

And we provide unparalleled speed in product deployment, support, and the daily use of our applications. 

  • Process Re-Engineering which consists of CX mapping for customers and agents, plus audits to improve technology and processes.
  • Professional Services that includes project management, experience design, configuration, reporting, training and go-live support.
  • Systems Integration that analyzes business requirements and undertakes scenario-specific developments, tests and deployments.
  • Service Support with multiple tiers, guaranteeing the high quality of services that your business needs.
  • Hosting Services via our partner AWS in Europe and USA.
  • And the possibility to co-create features that bring agility and innovation in response to your specific needs.

Discover CX Technology from Sitel Group®

Manage interactions across all channels to ensure a unified conversation and efficient inquiry resolution.

Simplify, digitalize and automate journeys, tasks and processes to enhance customer and associate experience.

Realize a new era of collaboration and customer experience with a suite of solutions built by and for CX operations.