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Phygital Retail - Retail Customer Experience White Paper

Why Retail is Ready for a Revolution

Technology is driving rapid transofrmation in the retail customer experience, but chatbots and artificial intelligence are not a replacement for human contact.

In our “Phygital Retail” white paper, our experts will highlight the new trends in the market and point to the critical solutions for harnessing the transformation and enabling every one of you to become heavyweight contenders in your own sectors.

  • How “Phygital” is revamping retail
  • Creating differentiated customer experiences
  • Four Phygital business transformations

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Phygital: The blend of physical with digital. Phygital retail comprises of physical retail outlet that uses digital data and methods to boost sales.


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What is the retail industry?
Retail refers to the segment of the economy comprised of businesses who sell goods or products to consumers.

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