Our Vision

Sitel Group®’s experience with top disruptive and non-native crypto brands will guide your organization towards world-class customer experiences and support solutions through next-level technology, industry-leading security standards and people-first principles.

A Competitive Edge in Crypto

An increase in demand, awareness and users for digital currencies has generated massive financial opportunities for native crypto and financial organizations looking to begin their journey. But this explosive customer demand and market volatility has also created critical operational challenges, making it difficult for crypto platforms to scale their business and guarantee a high level of CX.

For long-term success, it is critical for crypto companies to provide an outstanding customer experience that prioritizes customization, innovation, responsiveness, transparency and trust.

We Drive a Customer-Centric Future

Our 30+ years of experience with leading financial services, fintech and disruptive brands has positioned us to be a world-class partner in CX excellence for crypto services:


Financial Services Clients


Disruptive Fintech Brands


Agents in Financial Services


Agents Handling Crypto-Related Calls

Success Stories

Sitel Group helps clients navigate an evolving crypto landscape.

Leading Payment Processor

Our client, a payment processing platform that accepts crypto alongside traditional currency, wanted to expand their global footprint and multilingual hub. We helped them grow quickly and scale multiple languages efficiently.


in Four Months




Satisfaction CSAT

Growing Fintech Provider

Our client, whose mobile application helps customers participate in e-commerce transactions, needed a partner to outsource their CX through multiple channels such as voice, email and social media. We laid a solid and agile foundation so they could grow fast while serving customers on the channel of their choice.


Service Level


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Lines of Business

We Understand Your Challenges

Our in-depth knowledge of customer and employee experience gives your crypto company the edge against key issues.

Fierce Competition for Customer Acquisition

We provide a customer-friendly experience that ensures a cost-effective onboarding process. We do this by delivering a seamless experience across the lifecycle of authentication, account set up, account preferences selections, account funding and relevant service upsell.

24/7 Market Volatility and Volume Spikes

We deploy an appropriate customer support infrastructure at all times to scale your CX support up and down with agility and speed of execution. We’re able to manage large volumes and prioritize customer requests to face the expected and the unexpected.

Seamless and Differentiated Customer Experiences

We serve digital-first customers through chat, email, social media, asynchronous messaging and in-app at the time of their choice. We offer the highest level of responsiveness to crypto customers’ priorities and needs.

Secure Payments and Transactions

We help ensure trust and confidence in a marketplace where customers are investing their time, effort and loyalty. We deploy fraud detection and prevention models to ensure routine transactions and verifications are in the right hands.

Cost Reductions and Efficiencies

We implement intelligent automation and leverage data analytics to drive higher performance and contain your costs during periods of rapid growth and expansion. It’s the best of technology and people working together to maintain CX quality.

Why Partner with Us?

We provide a unique blend of Customer Experience solutions to drive seamless and safe experiences for crypto customers:

  • Selection of optimal location(s) from a cost/expertise perspective
  • Exceptional delivery standards for CX quality and consistency
  • Agility, speed of execution and scalability
  • Long-term strategic value adds and innovation
  • Ongoing reduction of total cost of ownership
  • Highest level of security, privacy and compliance
  • Access to a network of strategic crypto partners

Our Key Services

CX Consulting and Strategy
We bring the skills and expertise to guide your organization through common and complex crypto customer pain points.
Contact Center Outsourcing
We support every stage of the customer journey by deploying highly experienced and passionate talent from key global locations.
Work-at-Home Solutions
Our highly scalable remote model can be rapidly and securely deployed to respond to volume spikes.
Conversational AI
We extend your brand’s voice and values with bots that can serve and escalate in real-time.
Automation & Self-Service
We make finding solutions effortless and simple for customers on the move.
CX Data Analytics
Our interactive analytics collects information to identify and improve on relevant customer needs.

How We Get It Done

World-Class Security and Compliance

We consult, advise, and deploy our security expertise to protect data and digital property against malicious intent. We utilize an award-winning security solution to keep information secure across multiple interactions with ISO and PCI standards, as well as SOC Type 1 and 2 certifications.

Impactful Recruiting

Growth in the crypto industry isn’t just about scaling up, it’s about empowering your knowledgebase to make you dependable, insightful, and actionable for customers. We recruit passionate agents who have a firm understanding of market place trends, trading and blockchain technology to boost efficiencies.

24/7 Outreach

The crypto market never stops, your customer service shouldn’t either. Through a combination of self-service and automation, we effectively solve immediate concerns which can be quickly escalated to a live-agent for urgency and empathy.

Intelligent Omnichannel Support

Crypto customers crave consistent brand experiences, across every channel. But each channel possesses a unique challenge and purpose. Our omnichannel strategy uncovers what types of interactions are likely at each stage and designs experiences that add value to the channel.

Data-Driven Insights

We create actionable value with data analytics to understand real-time trends in the marketplace. We give agents the ability to anticipate and meet customer demands as the world of crypto evolves.

How This Benefits You

Drive Consistency
Deliver the experience your customers expect – through every conversation.
Streamline Customer Experiences
Drive customer ease, reduce process waste and non-value steps.
Reduce Repeat Contacts
Identify and address key contact drivers.
Predict and Personalize
Harness the power of data insights to understand your customer behavior.
Grounded Innovation
Provide a measurable return on investment.
Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
Drive combined operational efficiencies and value creation.

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