The impact of COVID-19 on consumer behavior

The disruption COVID-19 has created would have been unthinkable, even several months ago. It’s forcibly changing consumer behavior and buying habits and has drastically impacted customer experience trends.

With the findings of our COVID-19: the CX Impact study, forward-thinking brands have a playbook to help guide their investments and develop their customer-centric strategies.

In this White Paper, you’ll learn to identify:

  • the right steps to take to deliver the experience customers expect in a post-COVID-19 world
  • the optimum use of resources
  • the best technologies to deploy

What your industry can learn.

Our COVID-19: the CX Impact study uncovered key customer experience trends in four major industries. Check out the overviews below to see highlights in Banking & Financial Services, Retail, Telecommunications and Travel & Hospitality.

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Featured Assets

Looking for a few bitesize resources for an overview of the study? Here you’ll find an executive summary, a pulse survey data report and more.

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