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Global home improvement chain Leroy Merlin modernizes in-store training with mobile  

The Challenge

To find the fastest, most cost-effective way of training in-store sales advisors on the job so that they can answer the questions of even the most connected and well-researched modern customer.

Our Solution

To meet the challenge, we developed an online modular course hosted on EdFlex, our learning experience and curation platform. Accessible via PC, tablet or smartphone, it gave sales advisors the freedom to learn where and when they wanted. To ensure the content was sticky, we applied gamification, using quizzes to test how well users were retaining information and offering weekly prizes for high scores and module completion.

As the goal is to train these people on demand and on-the-go, all modules needed to be designed for efficiency, distilling as much information as possible into the shortest possible time, in this case, no more than 20 minutes.

To ensure all modules were accurate, authoritative and reflective of Leroy Merlin’s own brand language and house style, we identified a point person within the client’s organization for each product line who was, in turn, supported by SMEs.

To test effectiveness, we began with a pilot covering three new product lines and, after lessons learned, rolled out the platform nationwide and inventory wide.

This new approach to training has cut the client’s training bill, increased interaction among staff in-store – due to the social aspect of the courses – and has empowered advisors to engage with customers. 

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