Improvement in rACH activations during first stage delinquency.
Exceeded quality expectations with low variance vs. client audits.
Recoveries bucket placed benchmark performance across network. (Internal sites and external vendors).

Our client is a leading FinTech company offering affordable loans and financial resources.

Customers engage their solutions for events such as paying for auto repairs, covering temporary cash shortages and paying off higher-interest debt.

Our partnership consists of multiple lines of business (LOBs), supporting the lifecycle of a loan.  Loan services are available in 11 U.S. states.

Client Objectives

  • Reduce delinquency rate and improve payments retention
  • Meet and exceed the collection performance goals of client-owned captive centers
  • Identify ways to improve the collections execution by leveraging the end-to-end capabilities of Sitel Group®
  • Flawless execution to lead to supporting newly launched credit card products

Our Solution

  • Dedicated comprehensive leadership staff, versed in the collections industry, designed a custom plan to accelerate performance
  • Created tailored strategies utilizing Sitel® First Party Collections solution for each delinquency bucket, conforming coaching and call handling techniques
  • Organic growth plan for agents to advance in from one bucket to another based on performance
  • Month to month planning identifying consumer accounts likeliness to bring their accounts to current status
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