Decreased AHT vs. B&M
Employee NPS, the highest amongst all North America sites including B&M
Lower attrition vs. In-Center operations

Our client is a leading international coffee retailer.

Thanks to the well established mutual trust and collaboration that we built since 2009, our client chose Sitel Group® to migrate a significant amount of customer service work to a virtual environment.

The Sitel at Home™ virtual environment acts as an integral part of the client’s business continuity planning (BCP), providing “always on” capability that delivers the same high customer care standards.

Client Objectives

  • Diversify the operating footprint to enable much improved Business Continuity
  • Provide the necessary expertise and guidance in the migration to the virtual environment including communication to agents
  • Provide highly trained agents with the needed knowledge, best case practices and security measures
  • Collect and analyze agent feedback during and after the implementation to the at home environment

Our Solution

  • Successfully implemented the Sitel at Home solution to service 60% of the total contact volume
  • Effective virtual training led to uninterrupted customer service and a high level of quality and performance
  • Strong agent engagement and integrated coaching ensured products/service knowledge and a quality customer experience
  • Agents in Sitel at Home environment have high employee satisfaction and show low absenteeism and attrition
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