Increase in Instagram followers
Hours response time
Increase in Twitter followers
French carmaker partners with Sitel to drive traffic to its social media content 

The Challenge

To build on the automotive brand’s existing social media presence with engaging content and a coherent strategy reflective of its target audience.

Our Solution

Before taking over the management of the brand’s social media accounts, we conducted social listening programs to understand the latest trends and chatter and ensure the findings are always feeding into the company’s strategy. This overview also enabled us to create a set of guidelines and processes that relate specifically to each of the different networks – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn – where Citroen has a presence.

As well as helping to shape and design multimedia content for publication for publicity reasons, this understanding also made it easier to respond to customer requests and questions in a tone of voice reflective of the channel, as well as the brand.

One of the goals of the partnership is to build a community of fans around Citroen across the different networks and identify new and exciting ways of engaging them. The other is to be able to drill down through this community to identify the fans who are potential customers and the members who are true brand ambassadors and treat them as such – be it with exclusive content or exclusive experiences.

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