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Across all business sectors from banking and finance to travel and tourism, we partner with our clients to overcome their unique customer experience challenges and help them realize tangible results.

10 Year partnership

Creating a newsworthy customer experience

Award-winning Chicago-based media company, Tribune Publishing, transforms its CX in line with the transition from print to digital news media.

75% Of users highly satisfied

Fondation Ramsay uses conversational CX to boost wellbeing

The leading European private healthcare provider wanted to help people help themselves stay healthy.

+15% Revenue per intervention

Renault drives closer to its customers with clearer view

French carmaker transforms its customer relationships with the help of Sitel’s omnichannel engagement platform.

15K Increase in Instagram followers

Citroen strengthens customer service through social channels

French carmaker partners with Sitel to drive traffic to its social media content.

70% Engagement rate

Training Staff to make the connection between new products and new customer demands

Global home improvement chain Leroy Merlin modernizes in-store training with mobile.

4,800 Unique users in 30 days

Drinking a toast to simplified customer experience

Leading German owned supermarket Lidl embraces conversation CX to help customers comprehend the complexities of its wine cellars.

70% Of users new to the brand

GEMO makes the connection with connected consumers

The 460 outlet-strong French prêt-à-porter label wanted to leverage a chatbot to convert more millennials from online browsers to online shoppers.

1K Unique conversations in 21 days

VINCI uses technology to attract top talent

The world’s largest construction company by revenues needed a next-generation solution for promoting itself as a next-generation employer.

1,100+ Tutorials created

Teaching customers to troubleshoot their tech issues

To reduce B2B customer frustration and accelerate time to resolution, Orange and Sitel co-developed a self-service portal packed with how-to tutorials.