Virtual Call Back Reduced Abandonment by 30%

Featured Industry:

Pinnacle Entertainment is a dynamic and growing casino entertainment company with nearly 17,000 team members that operate 16 gaming entertainment properties, located in nine states.

Solutions Utilized

The opportunity

Sitel Group met with Pinnacle to address growing concerns over long hold times and call abandonment. A plan was executed to introduce Virtual Call Back to target improvements in these areas while reducing costs for Pinnacle.


Our solution

Virtual Call Back leverages technology to provide the customer with the opportunity to “reserve” their position in queue during periods of high call volume and receive an automated call back from an agent within a defined timeframe, providing a much more customer-friendly experience and reduced cost of service.

Client's Objectives

  • Improve customer service while reducing costs
  • Reduce customer AHT
  • Decrease abandonment rates

Services Provided

  • Sitel Group implemented a comprehensive Virtual Call Back program

The results

Reduced AHT 13%
Saved queue time – 3,000 minutes per month
Reduced abandonment by 30%
Reduced support costs by approximately 5%

reduction in abandonment

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