Innovative Opportunities Drive $1.9M Cost Reduction

Innovative Opportunities Drive $1.9M Cost Reduction

Featured Company: HP®
A Sitel Group partner since 1998, HP is a leading manufacturer of computers, software, solutions and services for individual consumers, small to mid-sized businesses and large enterprises.

Solutions Utilized

The opportunity

Sitel Group was tasked with identifying and operationalizing cost-reduction initiatives to achieve significant YOY savings for HP compared to the previous year’s fiscal spending.
Our solution
Sitel’s team collaborated with HP to implement a comprehensive project plan to reduce costs across various channels, cut unnecessary expenses and provide innovative ideas for improvement.
Our objectives
  • Identify and operationalize cost-reduction initiatives
  • Target goal of achieving $1.9M in savings for the client vs. prior fiscal year spend
Services provided
  • Implemented project plan targeting cost reduction in technical support across all channels – voice, email, chat and social media
  • Established program framework named CUBE (Cut Unnecessary Business Expenses)
  • Developed and executed workshops focusing on six key areas: availability, support model, process, revenue generation, variable vs. fixed costs and volume shift to other channels

The results

27+ cost-reduction initiatives researched, investigated and proposed to client
18 cost-reduction initiatives designed by Sitel Group were implemented
Achieved target objective of $1.9M+ in annual cost savings


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