Chatbot Solves for Many Issues

Featured Industry: Utilities

Total, a private French gas and oil company, is one of the six largest oil companies in the world. Since 2016, Total and The Social Client have partnered on an array of projects.

Solutions Utilized

The opportunity

Total’s aim was to collect feedback on service station quality while also delivering value to their customers. The Social Client developed an innovative solution to both meet the client’s objectives and add value to the customer experience.


Our solution

The Social Client developed a service-providing Messenger chatbot to improve their customer experience in French and Arabic. The chatbot offers support to the customers during their entire experience and collects feedback.

Client's Objectives

  • Support the customer during his entire experience
  • Encourage conversations to create proximity and collect feedback

Services Provided

  • Developed a service-providing Messenger chatbot
  • Designed a customer journey
  • Proposed promotional plan to generate chatbot traffic through social ads
  • Chatbot allows search, contact and feedback options

The results

This chatbot is currently being deployed. Key learnings and results coming soon…

Stats are on
their way!

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