Voice of the Customer (VOC) Analytics

Gain comprehensive understanding of the factors driving your CX across all channels.

Understand Your Customers Across all Channels

Sitel® Voice of the Customer Analytics delivers a comprehensive understanding of the factors driving your customer experience (CX) across all channels and identifies customer sentiment giving you the insights you need to build a better CX.

Across Channels

Understand the customer on every platform used to interact with your brand.

Deep Understanding

Pinpoint what makes customers stay, and what drives desire for additional services.

Future State

Insights guide strategic planning to drive maximum customer lifetime value.

Measurable Results

Harness the power of customer insights.


Less Expensive vs In-House VOC


Faster Reduction in Customer Effort

Sitel Voice of the Customer Analytics helps you to monitor customer satisfaction (baseline vs actual) and track market share gains. Surveys, case notes, website comments, social media, speech and text analytics survey sources are mined to truly understand your customers and elevate your CX.

Understanding the key drivers across the competitive landscape and identifying unmet customer needs supports you in the delivery of new, or more compelling offers, enabling investment in products and services designed to drive satisfaction and loyalty, for maximum customer lifetime value.

Insights from across your data sources.
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