Visual IVR

Tap into answers right on your smartphone.

Give your customers’ the answers they need at their fingertips - through their smartphone screen. With our visual IVR solutions, your customers are better equipped with intuitive tools to answer inquiries or help them resolve their issues on their own.

Opt for visual IVR.

Gone are the days where your customers have to listen to and replay audio menus with a traditional interactive voice response (IVR) system. Our visual IVR is a pre-IVR experience that displays a digital menu and attempts to digitally resolve or reroute your customers to an omnichannel interface, rather than through a voice call. Our visual IVR takes full advantage of a mobile device’s screen real estate by providing visual options your customers can tap on and scroll through, ensuring they’re in the right place, with the right agent for the right reason.

Advantages that are plain to see.

With visual IVR, you will cut hold times and reduce call volumes into the contact center, while improving average handle times and first call resolution rates. Using the onscreen menus, you can connect callers with your existing self-care content or create new tailor-made content such as step-by-step guides and how-to videos so customers can resolve their own issues. When the available content can’t help, your customers are moved to live chat or connected with an agent who already has their full story in front of them and is ready to help.

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