Trust and Safety

Dedicated experts protecting your customers and brand.

With global acceleration of user-generated content (UGC) and immersive digital activity, the ongoing threat of inappropriate, inaccurate and harmful content drives the need for you to keep pace with the overwhelming volume generated every day.

Human Expertise to Optimize Your Brand Experience

Connecting human expertise and digital-first solution design, our global network of experienced SMEs, quality associates and moderators monitor and manage content across your online environments. With proven multilingual expertise in 60+ languages and deep cultural knowledge developed across our global footprint, our teams are expert in responding to the unique cultural complexities at both a local, regional and global level.

And, supported by our culture of care, safeguarding the overall wellbeing of our moderators is our top priority. With a global wellness program and dedicated psychological support critical to providing and sustaining success in performance and key metrics.

Defend Your Online Presence and Experiences

We maintain safe, secure and compliant experiences that protect your customers and brand reputation.

  • 20+ years of content moderation experience
  • Localized compliance and contextualization for cultural sensitivities and distinctions
  • Speed to scale: 5 to 1,000+ moderators available 24/7/365
  • Moderation across all media types
  • Governance: Turnkey delivery with transparent KPI reporting
  • Flexible and agile solutions adaptive to your needs
  • Support in 60+ languages

Delivering Best-in-Class CX across All Stages of Content Moderation

Our effective trust and safety services are supported by a team of rules experts, performance and quality managers, trainers and experienced moderators.

Content Moderation

  • Review and disposition inappropriate, non-compliant and harmful user-generated content uploads, comments, submissions and engagement on social networks, forums, chat rooms, websites and review sites.

Ad Moderation

  • Review and moderate advertisements to ensure ad rules and regulations are adhered to, such as disclosures, infringements, deceptive content and industry-specific regulatory content.

Account Identification and Security

  • Authenticate user accounts and remove fake ones based on your standards and policies.

Fraud Prevention

  • Quickly detect fraud and mitigate risk with unauthorized users and activities and promotion of counterfeit goods and services.
  • Identify and remove content in violation of regulations governing copyright and intellectual property.

Results that Make a Difference

2.5 million content elements monitored monthly

100+ thousand flagged photos and videos identified daily

99%+ quality accuracy

90%+ advertising quality across 10 languages

Average 2-week reduction in time to proficiency against market averages

Supporting all major global social engagement platforms

A Culture of Care for Content Moderation

The heartbeat of our content moderation operations is our moderators. As such, our focus begins with our moderators; supporting overall wellness, engagement and providing an inclusive environment. The physical and mental wellness of our moderation teams is a continuously evolving process and the #1 focus for Sitel Group®.

Wellbeing Support

We offer wellness support, coaching and an open and ongoing dialog surrounding mental wellness, with the objective to proactively prepare moderators and provide real-time help and solutions.


SitelFit is a continuous and robust program that connects moderators to a global and digital community with activities, support and health and wellness information to encourage a healthy mind and body through fitness, nutrition and sports.

  • Meetings with nutrition experts and influential athletes
  • Proposal of 100% healthy meal buffets
  • Sports activities, challenges and rewards on a monthly basis
  • Best practices, healthy recipes and online advice to promote wellbeing
  • Combines wellness with corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives that benefit communities, the environment and corporate integrity
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