An innovative learning experience that simplifies the acquisition of new skills.

The Enterprise Training Solution Designed to Facilitate a Personalized Training Experience for Your People

Reflective of your needs and easy to deliver on expectations, our innovative learning experience solution, Triboo, simplifies the acquisition of new skills with accessibility, interactivity and ease of use for your learners. Triboo is equally capable of supporting instructor-led and virtual instructor-led courses and reinforces collaboration, enables social learning through chatrooms and discussion forums and works seamlessly on different devices with its multimedia content. Since its launch, our mission has been to go beyond a traditional learning management system (LMS). Our experts constantly monitor user feedback to refine and improve the learner experience.

Measurable Results

Facilitate a personalized training experience for your people.


courses completed


unique users


Accelerated learning driven by a modern learning experience, delivered through blended learning.


Collaborative and gamified content.


An accessible and intuitive interface allows learners to easily access online components using their preferred digital devices.

Easy Deployment

An easy-to-use learning experience solution. The integrated studio lets you drag-and-drop content to build your courses.

Cost Effective

Low operational costs driven by training process automation and dynamic learning processes.

All in One

All-in-one solutions allow you to meet all your learning business needs.

Unlock the power of your people to deliver superior CX.
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