Speech Analytics Solutions

Unlock actionable insights with the power of speech.

Access every contact your customers are making with your business to understand everything from contact drivers to customer sentiment towards your brand, its products and services.

Phone calls, chat messages, email and social media content are turned into transcripts within a searchable database where you can monitor your agents’ performance and focus on the contact behaviors that matter most to your business.

Insight is invaluable – access it all.

With enterprise-level multilingual support (20+ languages), our automated speech analytics solutions unlock insights from 100% of your contacts – unlike the traditional way of analyzing calls where a small sampling of your customer contacts were monitored. In the past, the process was costly, resource intensive and inaccurate – and feedback was delivered slowly, often when it was too late to make a change. By hearing everything your customers are saying, as they’re saying it, you can invest more time actually coaching in an objective, consistent and timely manner. You get the most out of each contact as our experts continually enable you to coach smarter with detailed scorecards highlighting variances and intuitive dashboards with actionable feedback based on consistent metrics.

Real-Time Coaching.
Deliver in-the-moment support, target CX opportunities and drive performance.

Metric Scorecards.
Monitor and highlight every variance to pinpoint areas of agent success and opportunity.

Performance Dashboards.
Direct and actionable feedback based on consistent metrics presented in an intuitive form.

Do you really hear your customers?

Your agents are only one side of the conversation. Our speech analytics give you the inside track on customer sentiment – regardless of the channel. By bringing all customer conversations into the same place, you can identify common contact drivers, emerging trends or strengths and potential weaknesses in current product or service ranges across your business.

Easily identify outliers with intuitive search features for specific key words and phrases with auto-topic analysis and automatically evaluate contacts for sentiment, categorization and performance scoring.

Omnichannel View.
Capture customer conversations however they communicate and automatically transcribe the interactions as text.

Multi-Sourced View.
Automatically evaluate each contact for sentiment, categorization and performance scoring across all sites and service providers.

Automatic Outlier Detector.
Intuitively search for specific keywords and/or phrases, with auto-topic analysis to simplify identifying each outlier.

Analytical storytelling.

We go beyond what your customers are saying and identify the meaning and intent of customer contacts by mining for topics, behaviors, patterns and more to discover emotional sentiment. Armed with a better picture of your customers’ story, we help you build a predictive model for you to forecast your future NPS scores.

When data becomes magic.

Cloud-based, hosted or on-premise, our speech analytics solutions deliver consistency, expertise and results across your contact center enterprise. You may have the platform, but are you receiving value? Our speech analytics solution is a managed service – and we make the platform work for you. Leveraging our experience with all major speech analytics platforms, we know how to successfully implement and manage your speech analytics, ensuring delivery of best-in-class performance. Knowing what your customers are really saying exponentially reduces costs and increases revenue.

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