Social Media Intelligence

Be social, be intelligent.

The major social media networks are now a major source of business intelligence. If you can’t monitor, analyze and visualize - in real time - the data flowing into your organization from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube as well as leading blogs, review sites and your own online communities and user forums, you’re at a major disadvantage.

Social media is the new intel.

Our social media intelligence tools deliver new levels of customer understanding and competitive edge.  Track and segment conversations, monitor your online influencers, measure the impact of multichannel campaigns and spot the warning signs that bad buzz is building  before it becomes a potential PR problem.

Track brand perception and reputation.

Compare your company with the competition.

Track customer behaviors and market trends.

Let social work for you.

By applying our full suite of capabilities – you’ll have everything you need to make social media serve you.  Thanks to a consultative, custom approach you can look beyond your own customers and prospects and gain insights into industry data as well as to your key customers’ trends. Drill down to measure and understand sentiment around an individual product or service in a specific geographical region, or pull back for a big-picture view of the conversations that could be shaping your industry as a whole.

Real-time insights give you the power to take proactive steps to optimize a marketing campaign, move more resources to one network over another, address potential pain points on your customer journeys or simply take an active role in the conversation your customers are having around your brand. With our social media intelligence services, you’ll understand what they’re saying and know the tone of voice and types of engagement to respond with the greatest positive impact.

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