Social Media Customer Care Hub

Social is the new normal.

Customers spend more time on social media than anywhere else, so a social media customer care strategy is no longer optional - it’s a must.

Our social media customer care hubs are how we meet your customers where they are. By bringing dedicated CX teams with advanced social media skills together, we ensure a rich, engaging experience to care for your customers, build relationships and provide support.

Social is no longer a choice.

Whether they contact you via phone or with a tweet, your customers expect the same outcome – a prompt response and a concerted effort to resolve an issue the first time they ask – and without being directed to another channel.

This is where our social media customer care hubs come into their own – a powerful ecosystem blending  experts and analytics to ensure the right experience at the right time on the right channel. Our social media customer care hubs are 100% integrated with your contact centers’ operations so you can harness the power of your brand’s social interactions, seamlessly.

Strategize, analyze and engage.

Not only will you deliver on your brand’s CX promise across all channels, but because our social media customer care hubs are staffed by community managers, agents and analysts, they also deliver brand, reputation and crisis management – creating content and campaigns based on analytics and insights.

CX immediacy.
Give your customers what they expect –rapid responses on social media is the norm.

Social know-how.
Engage your customers with a team of dedicated social specialists.

Care in all channels.
Take your commitment to CX into social media.

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