Social & Mobile Learning Solutions

The power to learn is in your employees’ hands.

Mobile devices are revolutionizing the world of training and development and our mobile learning solutions are at the cutting edge of what’s possible.

Meet your employees where they are.

Meet your employees’ training needs any time, any place, anywhere. With multimedia content that’s responsive to any digital device – from desktop to tablet or smartphone – we put the power to learn quite literally in the learner’s hands. Our social and mobile learning solutions break down barriers to effective learning and knowledge retention. With our content and learning platform. Our mobile learning solutions are ATAWAD (any time/anywhere/any device)!

At your fingertips.
Let your learners grow on the go – wherever and whenever.

Natural interface.
Learn on a platform everyone understands and uses every day.

Train together.
Leveraging social learning means greater interaction and collaboration.

With our support, your social and mobile learning solution gives your employees a user-friendly and interactive experience that’s ready when they are. Rather than one-way training where content is pushed to a learner via classroom environment or sitting at a workstation, the employee is in control of when and where to learn. Whether at work, during the morning commute or at home, the classroom is always there – accessible from their mobile device. Our tailored mobile learning courses make the most of these micro moments, serving up bite-sized modules that are immediately engaging and customizable to suit individual learners.

Beyond fun and games.

Engagement is the key ingredient when developing successful mobile learning solutions. With a focus on gamification, we make sure learners move to the next level. Inspiring healthy competition and collaboration, our award-winning courses create a fun and rewarding experience. Further, knowledge retention is achieved through this gamification and repetition. Our mobile learning courses follow clear learning paths that help speed up user decision making. With simple navigation, moving backward or forward within a program to find relevant and timely content increases learners’ confidence in their professional roles and job satisfaction.

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