Sitel at Home™

The work at home solution built for CX resiliency.

Flexible Resourcing Equipped to Succeed

Our expertise in work at home solutions is built upon a foundation of scalable and tested technology combined with over 13 years’ experience delivering complex customer experience (CX) programs through Sitel at Home™ for leading global brands. Today, we have 60,000 associates working within our Sitel at Home solution.

Adapted to your unique business needs, Sitel at Home is globally scalable, secure and offers best-in-class CX resilience. Following our Global Operating Standards (GOS), Sitel at Home, can be rapidly deployed and integrated with your current solution, all while maintaining performance and quality standards

Fully payment card industry (PCI) compliant, omnichannel and backed by tried and tested technology, infrastructure and tools, our work at home network coverage means you can manage follow-the-sun time zone workflows, or simply operate with confidence knowing that your CX delivery has the necessary resiliency to flex alongside your CX needs.

The Work at Home Solution for CX Resiliency

True Business Continuity

Always on. Always available. Even in times of crisis, be ready to support your customers’ needs via an adaptable and secure CX solution.

More Engaged Workforce

No commute, improved work-life balance and a powerful digital engagement platform, delivering high employee satisfaction, increased engagement and lower attrition.

Greater Access to Talent

Our virtual hiring experience extends beyond geographical limits, attracting a nearly unlimited flow of qualified candidates for better talent and specialist skills.

Better Performance

Sitel at Home delivers better schedule adherence, quality, customer satisfaction and key performance indicator (KPI) results.

Measurable Results

With a work-life balance that offers benefits for clients and agents alike, our work at home solution delivers improved performance versus traditional models.


Lower Absenteeism


Lower Attrition


Agent Satisfaction


Higher Fill Rate

Rigorous Security Standards

Robust protocols to prevent fraud and secure customer data in the work at home environment.

Security Standards

  • Physical, technical, and administrative controls
  • PCI-DSS certification, audited annually
  • ISO 27001 Common Security Framework


  • Encrypted network connections
  • POD infrastructure (dedicated and segregated)
  • IDS/IPS Cisco firewalls with retention and review process
  • Multiple redundancy of circuits & providers
  • Redundant datacenters (99.99% uptime)

Fraud Prevention

  • Application hosting sustained on VDI
  • PCI compliant voice recording
  • Automated screen capture available
  • Location and proxy usage validation
  • Optional Secure inveractive voice response (IVR) available

Data Security in the Home

  • Signed policy agreements and secure office area
  • Annual Security Awareness training
  • Lockdown of the agent’s endpoint environment
  • No hard-drive access, store, print or download capability
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Accessibility removed on log out

CX Delivery With No Limits

Don’t limit your CX strategy to a single delivery model. Sitel at Home agents can be integrated to work seamlessly alongside those in a traditional brick and mortar environments, as well as innovative digital solutions, to create a single solution that delivers through one virtual team. We call this concept Oneshore.

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