Omnichannel Hub

Ensure a unified conversation and efficient inquiry resolution across all channels.

Elevate the Customer and Associate Experience Through Connective Technologies

Whatever your preferred channel mix, or your customer’s channel of choice, the Sitel® Omnichannel Hub gives your agents a unified and fully cloud-capable technology stack, enabling efficient management of all customer inquiries.

Sitel® Omnichannel Hub Is a Proven Technology Approach That You Can Rely On

  • Single Pane of Glass that accompanies agents and customers through every step of the customer journey.
  • Workflow orchestration system that speeds up resolution time and increases accuracy.
  • Unified omnichannel engagement that allows you to be wherever your customers are, whatever their preferred channel.
  • Telephony platform that gives you the stability and flexibility you need to meet targets and expectations in an era of rapid, sometimes sudden changes.
  • Self-Service Solutions that improves customer service and accelerates resolution times while reducing the workload on your teams.

Designed and Built by Operations, for Operations

Our Omnichannel Hub spans the Unified Agent Desktop that presents agents and associates with the right information and context at the right time, Case Management & Orchestration connecting front-office inquiries and back-office information and resources through agile, customizable workflows, and an Omnichannel Telephony Platform that provides a central column for superior voice channel experience and the advanced service and efficiency offered by increasingly popular non-voice solutions.

Our Omnichannel Hub enables efficient conversation management, whatever your customers’ channel of choice, and gives your agents the ability to switch between channels in just one click. You can ensure continuity of conversation from voice to text message, from chat to messaging, from social to e-mail, voice or video chat. Be as close as possible to your customers, in a personal conversation, and transform the customer relationship into a tool for loyalty and business development.

Our Omnichannel Hub augments your customer experience and ensures a 24/7 service, leveraging the power of AI to assist customer conversations and self-service requests. Visual IVR guides customers to the right agent or channel, Self-Service Solutions streamline the customer and inquiry journeys, Callbots manage peaks in volume, delivering quick and easy answers for faster resolution times, Chatbots handle simple transactions, complex resolutions and even manage emotional conversations.

Our Omnichannel Hub enhances the quality of operations thanks to an Agent and/or Customer self-service Knowledge Base, ensuring that all necessary content is easily available and clearly structured to facilitate usage, a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) with micro-learning content, ensuring ongoing training when agents have availability, and Satisfaction surveys that measure the pulse of your customer service and manage loop back actions, improving the way in which your teams resolve inquiries and meet customer expectations.

Unlock the Efficiencies of an Omnichannel Hub to Superpower Your Organization

Ensuring a Unified Omnichannel Experience to Your Customers and Associates


All-in-one Unified Agent Desktop with case management and conversational messaging.


Self-service solution for easy management of tutorials and other relevant website content.


Learning experience platform specifically optimized for the CX world.


24/7 support via a customizable chatbot experience, fast to deploy and enhance.

They Trust Us:

“We work with a lot of solutions and a lot of tools. With Sitel Group®, we have the ability to converge all these tools and channels into one single platform and get to know our customers better.”

— Michel Lopes
Operations Lab and Digital Innovation Manager
Direct Assurance (AXA)

“I can configure 80% of the Sitel® Unified Agent Desktop, innso, in-house and only need 20% of it custom developed. It’s an extremely powerful tool.”

— Thibualt Constans
 Head of Customer Service
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