Multilingual Customer Support Hubs

Speaking your language.

Expand your global reach, build cultural connections with new customers and serve new markets, and all without having to grow your physical footprint.

The power of closer.

In today’s global marketplace, being closer to the culture of your customers, speaking their language, is the key to success and growth. Powered by our proven expertise in attracting, developing and retaining the best native talent, our multilingual customer support hubs deliver lower cost, higher quality solutions for consolidating your global CX strategy.

With 13 strategically located multilingual customer support hubs staffed by 1,500 multilingual associates capable of meeting your customers’ needs in over 40 languages, you no longer need to have 10 contact centers in 10 countries to serve 10 different territories.

In addition to delivering significant cost savings, opting for a multilingual customer support solution simplifies everything from vendor management to IT investment while ensuring you deliver the same, consistent levels of service no matter how your customers reach out and regardless of the language they speak.

Multilingual customer support is the answer for clients who want to ensure a best practice from one region can be seamlessly implemented internationally, avoid regulatory restraints within traditional contact center models and leverage the agility and confidence to explore new markets to meet growing customer demand.

Key benefits

Native Talent

Powered by Insight

Single POC

Global Connectivity

Global Expertise

Secure & Stable

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