Learning Delivery as a Managed Service

Choose only the support your in-house team needs, or outsource all your learning and development needs to our professionally certified team.

Increase Learner Performance with Outsourced Learning Delivery

Give your business access to a flexible, talented learning and development resource pool by leveraging our award-winning team to support your needs through learning delivery as a managed service.

Robust learning and development capabilities are essential to engage, empower and retain your people, but ensuring you have best-in-class in-house capabilities is costly and time consuming. Sitel® Learning Delivery as a Managed Service eliminates that burden, stepping in to offer specific support to your in-house team or acting as your outsourced learning and development solution.

Sitel Learning Delivery as a Managed Service reduces your internal learning and development costs as well as your content development and delivery turnaround times. By accessing the latest tools and ensuring learning is based in the industry-standard principles of adult learning, Sitel Learning as a Managed Service also increases learner satisfaction, engagement and performance.

À la Carte or Full-Service Learning Outsourcing

Our solution allows you to chose only the support your in-house team needs, or outsource your entire learning and development needs to our professionally certified team.

Content Development

Whether a microlearning module or a full course, our experts are ready to build what you need, utilizing adult educational principles to improve learner outcomes.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Having a robust LMS has become essential in corporate learning. Targeting, segmentation, and getting the right content to learners at the right time is made possible through our robust learning solutions.

Training Reengineering

Up-to-date dating content is an essential element of training. Stale content puts learning integrity at risk. Update, digitize, reduce the duration of, and increase the interactivity within your existing training.

Multimedia Support

Having the optimal graphical components, video elements and customized multimedia content plays a large role in content absorption. Subpar multimedia may interfere with learner progress.

Instructional Design

From analysis and establishment of learning needs to the development and delivery of developed content, we play a meaningful role in supporting your instructional design team (and may even become your instructional design team).

Content Curation

A powerful content curation platform expertly aggregates, filters and delivers unique and pertinent content to learners, reducing the time they spend searching.


A microlearning repository addresses the most pressing needs of your learners. Push microlearning modules to learners in real time to drive proficiency and growth.

Learning and development programs are only as effective as the learner outcomes they deliver. Sitel Learning Delivery as a Managed Service expertly tracks activities, proficiencies, competencies, needs and engagement to clearly demonstrate the value of the learning delivered.

Unlock the power of your people to deliver superior CX.
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