Learning Analysis

Learn more with a comprehensive learning analysis.

Each enterprise has different training needs and likewise, each business at a different point on the route to delivering effective learning and training solutions for their employees.

Straighten up your learning curve.

By conducting a thorough and consultative learning analysis – involving all stakeholders, drawing insights from workshops and focus group interviews and carefully evaluating existing training content and curricula – we provide your organization with its own roadmap.

More than simply a means of identifying and closing the gaps in employee training or ensuring course consistency, our experts make sure your roadmap is completely aligned to your learning and training needs and objectives – now and in the future – helping you unlock tangible business benefits.

Define needs.
Take a methodical approach to understanding your learning needs.

Prioritize training.
Make an impact by focusing your time and resources on where it matters most.

Drive results.
Tie learning activities to tangible, strategic, business results.

Save time and money.

Our learning analysis service helps you save money by optimizing (and often reducing) your learning and development spend. With our proven learning analytics approach, we ensure you continually measure success of training with clear ROI. Achieving operational efficiencies, we streamline your training process and accelerate your learners’ speed to proficiency. With our expert support you are free to innovate via digital tools, creating new content and apply new and innovative technologies.

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