Instructional Design & Content Creation

Learning made to order.

Our instructional design services deliver made-to-measure learning, honed by the latest research in both learning and human motivation with a focus on user experience - no matter how specialized your organization or how complex its demands.

Tailored learning experiences – for your business and your people.

Our instructional design and content creation services add value to your training programs by (re)creating and (re)designing unique and innovative learning experiences. We know nothing fits your learning and development needs better than expertly formulated courses created just for you. Driven by your business goals, a personalized learning strategy is key to developing your people and your business.

Operational efficiency.
Reduced time to competency and lower training costs mean improved business and learning KPIs.

Experience improvement.
Tailored curricula facilitate better knowledge retention and the development of new skills and attitudes.

Expert use of instructional design in storytelling creates an immersive experience for learners.

Targeted learning.
Learner-centric learning paths ensure a mental and emotional connection with content and curricula.

Delivering learning, encouraging engagement.

We harness the knowledge of your organizations’ subject matter experts and bring this to life via engaging multimedia content, grounded in the real world. Leveraging the latest in blended-learning capabilities, we dramatically improve learning and business outcomes for your brand.

Our instructional design approach defines the clearest possible learning outcomes enabling a course design that is perfectly aligned with your learners’ perspectives. Ensuring that best practices in instructional design are the foundation of your training, our expert teams place a premium on meaningful, quality content written in the learner’s language. Our learner-centric focus means modules and sessions encourage roleplay, interaction, discussion and hands-on experiences – with the right blend of digital and face-to-face training seamlessly integrated to deliver the best results.

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