First-Party Collections

Be smarter with Smart Collections.

Make the intelligent choice with our Smart Collection services. Built on actionable insights, they grow your business faster while improving, not damaging your customer experience.

A smarter way to grow your business.

Reducing the cost of your organization’s collection services and operations, while simultaneously improving performance and CX, may sound like a sizable challenge. But it’s one that’s simple to overcome when you have developed a collections ecosystem around data analytics, data security, digital innovation and compliance.

Successfully collecting outstanding debt requires resources, investment in technology and constant training and assessment to ensure protocol and regulatory compliance.

However, it’s a process that’s of equal sensitivity to your customer base as to your balance sheet. Each collections contact is a potential moment of truth – handle it incorrectly and you could damage your brand’s standing and negatively impact on churn rate.

Smart Insights

+ Smart Associates

= Smarter Results

Smart decisions make all the difference at key moments of truth.

The responsible use of data provides a wealth of insights. With a greater understanding of customer journeys and channel preferences, our Smart Collection services help you identify the best way to reach out to each individual.

Through speech analytics we measure customer sentiment and identify the agent approaches that drive success and maintain customer satisfaction. These findings are then used to continually train agents and refine scripts.

Interrogating data, in compliance with all regulations relating to every vertical and business sector from healthcare to banking and financial services, helps identify potential at-risk customers by looking at patterns and enabling agents to take preemptive steps.

Data Analytics
Drive collection campaign efficiency; optimize by time of day; treatment schedules and contact methods.

Robust controls ensure private data is handled correctly and breaches are prevented.

Effective collection processes that adhere to all nationwide, state and government regulations.

Process Optimization
Constant refinements lead to improved design, automation and system integrations.

Technology Innovation
Tailoring tools and systems to your collection needs increases success rates while minimizing customer frustration

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