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Boost your customer experience with intelligent, conversational automation.

Intelligent Conversational Chatbots Offer 24/7 Support

Intelligent, conversational automation is an essential solution for brands looking to deliver an enhanced customer experience (CX) with high-potential return on investment (ROI).

Customers are actively seeking out digital alternatives; in fact 35% of all consumers and 43% of Gen Z consumers* prefer self-service solutions for resolving issues. Sitel® Digital Agent is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) solution that supports the automation of complex self-service transactions, building closer relationships with your customers.

Intelligent Chatbots

Sitel Digital Agent begins with a clear use case reflecting your customers’ needs and expectations. From gaining a deep understanding of your organization’s culture and brand voice to identifying where in the customer journey a chatbot would make the biggest impact, Sitel’s digital experts guide you every step of the way. Our services include integrating with your existing IT systems to conversational design, deployment and continuous improvement.

Speaking Your Language

As your partner, we step into your brand to build detailed personas of what your chatbot should look, sound, think and speak like. By understanding the emotional connection your customers have to your brand and its products, we apply our expertise to your custom digital agent – so it truly speaks your brand’s language. Our refined methodological approach enables us to design end-to-end chatbot solutions to get you closer to your customers. Leveraging a leading conversational AI platform and flexible dialog manager capabilities, your digital agent has natural, non-linear conversations – connecting your customers with the the emotional connection they expect.

Measurable Results

Fast, friendly 24/7 support drives customer satisfaction.


Faster Than Live Agents


Customer Satisfaction


Successful Engagements


Lower Cost to Serve

AI with a Human Touch

Human and Digital Agent Relationship

Human-centered automation is at the core of our solution. Our agents train the digital agents on user intent and conversational design and they seamlessly handle digital agent escalations.

Conversational Design Expertise

Using your various CX data sources, we design efficient and engaging chatbot interactions that can be adapted and deployed on web and mobile apps, messaging channels, SMS, smart speakers and more.

Leading-Edge Technologies

Leading conversational AI technology enables us to quickly build and improve your digital agent; flexible dialog manager capabilities and deep AI allows for natural, non-linear conversations.

Pay for Performance Model

With our confidence in building a digital agent that delivers on your operational goals, we only charge for successful resolutions. If the chatbot scripts out, or the customer escalates to a live agent, you don’t pay.

Make Your Customer Relationship Stronger with Artitificial Intelligence (AI)

By shifting conversations to digital channels, new opportunities exist to leverage Sitel Digital Agent and intelligent automation to not only to drive best CX, but also to provide robust business continuity capabilities.

*Source: COVID-19: the CX Impact Study, Sitel Group®, 2020

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