Customer True Intent

Uncover the true intent of every customer interaction through advanced AI, empowering agents to deliver a more personalized experience.

Drive Sales and Increase Satisfaction Through Deeper Understanding

Understanding your customer is at the heart of driving increased satisfaction and loyalty. Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) enables deep understanding of customer sentiment within easy reach. Sitel® Customer True Intent reveals your customers’ true intent in real time across voice or text-based interactions, enabling your team to better deliver against customer needs. A deeper understanding of customer sentiment enables you to identify and address pain-points and replicate best practices across your agents and teams.

Drive Customer Satisfaction

Sitel Customer True Intent drives Net Promotor Score (NPS) improvements by understanding customer intent and prompting and coaching the agent to take the most appropriate action in real time.

Increase Sales

By prompting the next best action and delivering the most relevant information to the agent in real time, Sitel Customer True Intent drives sales conversion.

Understanding Sentiment to Drive a Superior CX

Sentiment analysis is an important tool in steering interactions for a successful outcome, helping to avoid agent misunderstanding or overlook important cues that reveal the customer’s true intent. Speech and text analytics take the guesswork out of understanding customer sentiment by passing real-time information to the agent. The agent then drives the conversation to a successful conclusion through real-time interventions.

Sitel Customer True Intent scores words, tone and pace to identify the customer sentiment, such as happy, sad, frustrated or angry. These scores deliver real-time alerts to support agents for more peronalized responses and relevant information, driving satisfaction and beter addressing customer’s needs.

Omnichannel View

Capture customer conversations across multiple communication sources (call, chat, survey, text messages, email) and convert recordings to text.

Multisourced View

Automatically evaluate contacts for sentiment, categorization and performance scoring across all sites and service providers.

Automatic Outlier Detection

Intuitive search features for specific keywords and/or phrases; auto-topic analysis automatically identifies outliers.

Measurable Results

Drive sales and increase satisfaction through deeper understanding.


Increase in NPS


Increase in Sales

Drive More Impactful Coaching

Sitel’s experts configure, manage and provide ongoing tuning to realize actionable insights for your teams. Delivered as a cloud-based, hosted or on-premise solution, experience consistency, expertise and real results across your contact center network.

Targeted Coaching

By analyzing every interaction in real time, coaches have the necessary insights to deliver actionable, targeted agent support, driving agent performance.

Metric Scorecards

Detailed scorecards highlight variances and pinpoint areas of agent success and opportunity.

Performance Dashboard

Intuitive dashboards provide direct and actionable feedback based on consistent metrics.

Build brand loyalty through human connection.
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