Customer Success & Acquisition

Capitalize on your (best) customers.

Each connection is a chance to add the extra value which grows your business for further customer success. But first, you need to get to know your customers.

A customer-centric foundation.

Customers have unique needs throughout the sales journey. You have to communicate on their terms, in their channel of choice and deliver concise messages that capture their attention. Combining a fully omnichannel approach to customer success and customer acquisition is key to keeping your current customers while attracting new ones.


Providing customer relevancy for optimal sales results.

Deep Expertise
Leveraging global footprint, extensive customer insight & multilingual capabilities.

Operational Rigor
Trained to guide customers throughout the purchasing process.

Practical Innovation
Drive conversion, build long-term brand advocacy with leading programs.

The right people, the right expertise.

With customer success top of mind, we attract, train, coach and motivate top talent with the tools for the best sales results, whether communicating directly to customers, or in a business-to-business model. Sitel Group’s global footprint, scale and vertical expertise enable quality growth for your business – in a smart way. And knowing that your business is growing on a global scale, our multilingual experts are ready to deliver for your brand with the right mindset and the right language expertise across the omnichannel customer lifecycle.

Grow your insight, grow your business.

The ability to understand your customers, and their behaviors, gives you the insight to develop and grow your revenue. Powered by predictive insights, our sales and customer retention programs help you increase the lifetime value of every one of your customers. Harnessing insightful data brings clarity to key metrics including the best time to call and customer personas to drive conversion, retention rates and mitigate fraud risk. Through our Voice of the Customer (VOC) program, we use advanced speech analytics to meet sales KPIs and impact customer attrition and retention. Our operational best practices add value across the team, including automated sales verification and post-call analytics.

Test. Learn. Grow.

Whether inbound or outbound, proactive or reactive, we help take your product or service to the next level to surprise and delight your customers. In our Sitel Sales Labs, we work with agility and in close proximity with you to test robust customer success and customer acquisition programs and product launches to grow your business and build brand loyalty. Once you’re ready to scale, we can then quickly grow pilot programs in a location from our global footprint, offering the best combination of quality and cost efficiency, enabled by the operational rigor of our Global Operating Standards (GOS).

Prove & Test
Implement sales retention and acquisition programs to verify relevancy and results.

Cultural Position
Integrate cultural affinity to key customer groups using our global footprint and our agents’ knowledge of local markets.

Scalable Programs
Ideal for companies of all sizes to create new sales models; bring operational efficiencies; and implement new programs.

Global Reach
Leverage Sitel’s GOS to extend successful test-mode programs to nearshore and offshore environments with same operational efficiencies.

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