Customer Service

CX - your key competitive differentiator.

Your brand is only as strong as your customers’ perception. In today’s competitive world, customer experience is what sets you apart from the pack - and it’s why your customer service solution must be handled by experts.

Every experience counts.

You need to know that whatever the channel and whatever the issue, your customers are having an experience they’ll remember for the right reasons – a positive emotional connection combined with a rapid resolution.

Truly omnichannel.

Engaging seamlessly across all contact channels.

Truly connected.

With conversation built around emotional customer connection.

Truly outstanding.

Across 3.5M customer connections each and every day.

The right people, at the right time.

Technology provides the tools, but it’s people who make the emotional difference and make the connection between your customers and your brand. Delivering the best customer service solutions is only possible by hiring, training and retaining the best people.

Our recruitment experts around the globe are focused on finding the right candidates that align with our values and who have the soft skills crucial to being a modern customer service representative. To help our people make the most of their capabilities, we’ve developed an award-winning suite of learning and development (L&D) technologies that ensure superior user engagement. These tools can also be tailored to an individual learner’s needs or a specific brand requirement.

Global strength, local expertise.

Our people are committed to delivering rapid resolutions that leave a lasting impression on behalf of your brand. They know how to connect with your customers and, as your business grows, or  as it needs to scale up or down in line with seasonal demands, our people – whether onshore, nearshore, offshore or work-at-home – are ready and waiting to deliver memorable and effortless customer experiences.

Regardless of your evolving business needs, its industry or location, the end result is always the same: customer care delivery through real people with real emotions making real connections. This personifies your brand and delivers on its promise.

Channel stickiness.

Next-issue avoidance.

Experience engineering.

Frontline control.

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