Customer Self-Service Portals

Better serve your customers with self-service.

Opening the door to new levels of customer service, our customer self-service portals give your organization the tools it needs to help customers help themselves.

Customer self-service portals.

Your customers expect a fluid, easy-to-navigate experience when interacting with your brand. They want to resolve their support issues and service requests or find information without reaching for the phone or sending an email. Whether tracking a delivery, making a change to a subscription, arranging an appointment or double-checking if a request has been processed, customers want to be empowered to manage their own requests. Our self-care, or self-service, solutions allow your customers to help themselves via self-service options and support channels – while reducing the basic operational workload of your support team.

Meeting Real Customer Needs.

Self-Service Portal.

Designed to be intuitive, our customer self service portal is modular and scalable so your organization can use the elements it needs. We can help you build an experience that strengthens your existing customer relationship and as expectations grow and your capabilities mature, so does your peace of mind that your portal continues to deliver to your business requirements.

A portal with peace of mind.

Before integration, our experts analyze your existing customer journeys and common contact drivers to ensure that once live, your customer self service portal clearly addresses your customers’ needs. As use of your portal rises, it provides more than just 24/7 service, giving your organization the opportunity to increase efficiencies through call deflection and task automation, with notifications, updates and alerts.

It’s smooth sailing from here.

What’s more, as the technology behind our portal is device agnostic, services are pushed through social messaging channels as a rich conversation thread. This functionality means that customers have the option to move from self-service to conversation with an agent and back again fluidly as the situation or context of the issue changes.

Keep customers content with content.

A simple-to-search database of instructions and tutorials, our Tutopedia solution is aimed at organizations who offer a range of products and services and are dedicated to addressing common customer frustrations.

Tutopedia to the rescue.

More than simply answering frequently asked questions your agents would otherwise be fielding, Tutopedia serves as a 24/7 knowledge base platform and insights center. It captures common search data and records usage statistics – which together provide valuable information on how your organization’s offerings are being used, issues about products that need to be addressed and ideas for future features and services.

The collaborative knowledge base.

As content available within the portal is developed and refined by your in-house teams of subject matter experts, agents and administrators – who are also providing customer support across other channels –  you can ensure continuity of care and brand messaging.

The portal’s back-end allows your teams to track the content production, validation and publication process and to add new topics for consideration based on contact drivers across other channels. Meanwhile the front end’s integrated chat and recommendation functions make it easy for customers to ask for clarity on topics, request new tutorials and up-vote, download and share existing content.

Guide your customers’ conversations.

Making this content available across your own digital assets enables you to take control of the conversations around your products and features – and capture more customer insights. Without direct access to tutorials and the ability to engage with experts for help in generating instructions around new subject areas, your customers would be visiting third-party sites and using social media groups to solve their problems.

As with all of our self-service solutions, our experts conduct a thorough business needs analysis before integration, including qualitative interviews with contact center and helpdesk personnel to ensure the initial materials available address as many common issues as possible. In addition to enhancing productivity in this shared processes, this creates a solid foundation on which to build a comprehensive content library.


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