Customer Retention Analytics

Understand your customers' needs to drive retention.

Identify and Target Customers at Risk of Churn

Customer retention analytics identifies customers at risk of churn and the factors driving their behavior. This enables your business to develop targeted win-back strategies, address these at-risk customers and drive business growth.

Sitel® Customer Retention Analytics allows you to create optimal win-back offers as well as deliver real-time agent guidance.

Sales Growth

Retain customers with cross-selling opportunities.

Customer Satisfaction

Ensure customer needs are addressed, driving customer loyalty.

Product Development

Create new packages tailored to the needs of at-risk customers.

Measurable Results

Understand your customers’ needs to drive retention.


Increase in Customer Retention


Increase in Take Rate


Reduction in Repeat Calls

Through advanced interaction analytics including speech and text mining, Sitel Customer Retention Analytics brings your unstructured data to life, enabling you to drive effective, efficient customer retention activities. Knowing your customers’ underlying needs enables you to create more compelling products and services, boosting sales conversion.

Understanding customer drivers gives you the insights you need to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Sitel Customer Retention Analytics draws on solutions from across the EXP+™ platform, including Sitel Agent Real-Time Support and Sitel Digital Agent, which offer easy to implement solutions to the gaps Sitel Customer Retention Analytics may highlight. Within the platform, elements work together seamlessly, creating more efficiency and greater business value while driving continuous improvement across your CX delivery.

Insights from across your data sources.
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