Customer Experience Training Library

Invest in your employees, invest in your future.

Comprehensive, conclusive and constantly refined, our a-la-carte Customer Experience Training Library and its off-the-shelf courses, offer a rapid route to certification across all areas of customer management.

Fast, easy and reliable training – developed with you in mind.

Can your learning objectives be covered by standard training courses? Our Customer Experience Training Library courses were built within the contact center environment by our subject matter experts and brought to life through leading-edge instructional design. Our catalog is comprised of ready-to-go courses for all frontline operational roles, from agent to operational leadership, to enable your organization to deploy quickly and effectively for better training results.

Our extensive course selection covers both customer management and company strategy topics.

Proven off-the-shelf programs are always available to meet your training or learning needs.

Training paths are designed and delivered by our expert team of training industry professionals.

Ready to use, ready to learn.

Beyond the speed of delivery, a successful training and development program must be aligned with your organization’s business goals and culture. CX training must be delivered for maximum learner impact and full return on investment. This is why we take a blended approach to training delivery, incorporating instructor-led sessions, virtual instructor-led training, social and eLearning modules – all to shape the content to your people’s learning needs and styles along with your company philosophy.

Some 150,000 employees in businesses around the globe benefit from our CX training library every year and their engagement with our content – alongside our trainers’ experiences in delivering the courses – is constantly fed back into our organization to update and refine the materials.

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