Insight & CX Analytics

For a deeper customer relationship, make a date with data.

Every customer touchpoint is an opportunity to capture new data intelligence. Work with the right partner for your customer experience analytics solution to stay ahead of your customers’ expectations.

The insights you need.

From contact center interactions and social media activity to website page impressions and traffic in physical stores, our insight and analytics solutions help you gather, treat, combine and analyze the data you need to truly understand and target your customers, improve your products and services and plan for the future.

Creating actionable insights.

You have more data than you know what to do with – but why is it so hard to turn insights into action? Understanding your customers is key to creating engaging CX. Sitel Insights’ customer experience analytics solutions combines deep contact center and customer expertise with advanced statistical technology. Harnessing this powerful data helps you answer the questions to deliver optimal CX and connects the dots to improve instantly.

Data – your foundation for innovation.

CX analytics are seamlessly integrated into our operational solutions. We control the insight and analytics solution and apply what we learn – with tangible operational changes and real-time coaching. The keys to success lie in timeliness, root cause analysis and measuring the impact of your actions. With our customer experience analytics solutions, you’ll realize efficiencies, increase customer retention, improve loyalty and boost sales – all via the power of your own data.

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