Omnichannel Engagement Technology

Consistent communication and management across all channels.

Drive Better Experiences with a Seamless 360° Customer View

Sitel® Omnichannel Engagement is a next-generation, cloud-based solution that ensures agents have the most relevant information at their fingertips, across every channel. Our solution ensures the opportunity to maximize brand loyalty and customer lifetime value is realized in every interaction.

As the face of your brand, your agents must be equipped with effective tools that enable them to connect seamlessly to engage with your customers.

Capable of being fully deployed outside of the Sitel domain, Sitel Omnichannel Engagement offers case and incident management, voice, chat, messaging and email interaction routing, as well as a searchable consumer-facing knowledge base.

Operational Efficiency

Dynamic routing delivers voice and non-voice interactions to the most appropriate agent at the right time, driving cost and productivity efficiencies.

Unified Management Solutions

Enterprise-level tools and reporting supports the end-to-end contact center experience within a unified platform, eliminating the need to merge data or integrate tools across disparate platforms.

Fully Managed Infrastructure

Sitel’s team of experts implement and support the platform’s infrastructure, avoiding unnecessary overhead costs.

Measurable Results

Drive better experiences with a seamless 360° customer view.

90 Days

Deploy in as Little as


Increase in Customer Satisfaction


Increase in Productivity


Increase in Sales, Driven by Dynamic Routing

Creating the Agile Agent

Our omnichannel customer engagement platform brings every channel under a single, intuitive desktop interface which supports users within a seamless conversation. Agents can transition between channels, access customer history, generate or escalate tickets or pull up the knowledge base – all without missing a beat or making customers repeat their previous conversations.

Sitel Omnichannel Engagement supports a wide range of connected capabilities.

  • Case Management – Improve efficiency by routing each case to the right agent, every time, to ensure superior service.
  • Customer Care – Provide exceptional support via a fully omnichannel platform and own the end-to-end customer experience (CX).
  • Omnichannel Engagement – Connect with customers on their preferred channel, unifying conversations for the most efficient resolution.
  • Self-Service – Facilitate support by encouraging end-users to find answers and resolve issues using customized, self-service portals.
  • Knowledge Management – Leverage knowledge bases to easily find information and resolve issues quickly.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Enrich customer service by building satisfaction surveys and monitoring the quality of operations.
Build brand loyalty through human connection.
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