Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform

Truly omnichannel, truly engaging.

Your customers expect seamless, consistent experiences whenever they need you on the channel of their choice - and your team needs the tools to make those experiences happen.

Keeping customers at the core.

When it comes to getting an answer to their question or resolving an issue, customers don’t think in terms of channels. They may connect first on social media, continue to chat and finish on the phone – expecting the conversation to flow across channels. But if these channels exist in silos, it can kill the conversation, resulting in customer frustration and fragmented insights.

Our omnichannel customer engagement platform, developed by innso, our group’s software experts, is built with CX at the core combining our operational experience with technical expertise. With a scalable, integrated platform to bridge the gaps between channels, we empower your agents to deliver the seamless experiences your customers expect.

Fully configurable.
Agile and adaptable – build a platform tailored to you needs with a pay-per-use licensing model.

Operations certified.
Developed by operations specifically for the contact center environment, our UX empowers agent success.

Truly omnichannel.
Enabling seamless conversations across all channels from a single unified agent view.

Creating the agile agent.

Our omnichannel customer engagement platform brings every channel under a single, intuitive desktop interface that supports users within a seamless conversation. Designed in the contact center (for the contact center), agents can transition between channels, access customer history, generate or escalate tickets or pull up the knowledge base – all without missing a beat or making customers recap their previous conversation.

Connected capabilities.

Built with the customer at the core, our omnichannel customer engagement platform streamlines communication and connects the experiences across all channels, so your customers never have to repeat themselves or start over. 

  • Email
  • Call Disposition
  • Back-office
  • SMS/RCS Notification
  • Fax & Mail
  • Live Chat
  • Messenger
  • Social
  • SMS/RCS Conversation
  • WhatsApp for business
  • Apple Business Chat
  • Bots
  • Customer Record
  • CTI Basic/Advanced
  • Calendar
  • Scripting
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