Custom eLearning

Create better learner experiences with flexible custom eLearning solutions.

The Flexibility to Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Custom eLearning is an impactful way to engage and boost employee performance using various online technologies. From desktop to tablet to smartphone – we put the power to learn quite literally in the learner’s hands.

Sitel® eLearning delivers personalized, immersive and engaging digital learning modules made up of interactive activities and multimedia content. We ensure more effective learning experiences while reducing training duration.

Speed to Proficiency

Deployed in real time to upskill employees, optimizing operational performance.


Flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Active Participation

In self-paced modules, learners cannot sit in the back of the classroom.

Learners are 90% more confident and 95% more satisfied after implementation of Sitel eLearning.

Measurable Results

Create better learner experiences with flexible custom eLearning solutions.


Lower Training Duration


Faster Speed to Proficiency


Lower Training Time

Scalable, Flexible and Cost Efficient

Online learning, including interactive content, online courses, virtual reality and social learning, delivers significant benefits over face-to-face alternatives. Custom eLearning enables you to more easily gather quantitative learner data, including comprehension, engagement and proficiency data, supporting continuous improvement in your learning program.

Our custom eLearning solutions are faster and more efficient to scale than face-to-face learning initiatives, delivering lower set up and ongoing maintenance costs.

Unlock the power of your people to deliver superior CX.
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