Conversational IVR

Create more natural voice-based self‑service customer experiences for greater customer satisfaction.

Speak Naturally for Automated, Voice-Based 24/7 Support

By using their own words, customers can effortlessly describe why they are calling, what support they are looking for and easily complete self-service transactions with conversational interactive voice response (IVR). Sitel® Conversational IVR provides more natural self‑service customer experiences (CX) for your customers.

Sitel Conversational IVR integrates with products across Sitel Group®’s EXP+™, including Sitel Omnichannel Engagement, for a seamless IVR and telephony solution.

  • Natural – Speak in full sentences, just as if you were speaking with a live agent
  • Personal – Ask any question in your own words
  • Efficient – Deliver quick and easy answers for faster resolution times

Sitel Conversational IVR enables your customers to explain what they need using their own natural words and phrases just as if they were talking to a live agent, expanding the capabilities that come with a traditional IVR.

Using digital technology to create unique and memorable experiences for your customers is our mission. Conversational IVR uses a combination of artificial intelligence (AI), natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language process (NLP) to both understand and respond to your customers’ requests in an engaging and intelligent way. This solution becomes smarter with each conversation, augmenting its knowledge base over time.

Measurable Results

Create more natural voice-based self‑service customer experiences for greater customer satisfaction.


Increase in Call Containment


Accuracy Identifying Query


Task Completion


Self-Service Utilization

Sitel Conversational IVR enables your customers to resolve multiple queries in a single automated call with ease. Your customers enjoy the convenience of interacting with your brand without having to wait to speak with an agent. By simply speaking naturally, customers receive instant responses. The automated system answers simpler inquiries deflecting contacts away from agents, while more complex needs are transferred to live agents. Customers enjoy the convenience of immediate, intuitive service, creating a better CX.

Video: Sitel® Conversational IVR

Deliver a More Natural Experience for a Faster Resolution

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