Contact Center Training & Facilitation

Bring your training to life.

Do more to support your learners and let our instructors facilitate group training and individual coaching, inspiring collaboration and motivating your employees via real-time contact center training.

Learner-focused contact center training.

In today’s world, creating an emotional connection is key for differentiating brands. As part of a blended curriculum, instructor-led contact center training ensures that the human connection extends into the learning environment. As learners engage with new topics, they are able to think beyond processes into the conversational flow, enhancing the customer experience. With an ability to adjust learning real-time and according to individual needs, instructor-led contact center training is the simplest and most efficient way to help your employees perform at their best, dealing with highly complex situations while assisting customers.

With years of delivery experience and talent management expertise, Sitel Group offers a wide range of live-training methods with certifications, support materials and resources that ensure people gain the skills needed for success.

Bring your training to life through access to over 250 learning specialists.

Access the resources you need as you need them and as needs change.

Our train-the-trainer programs get you set for success .

Our training expertise.

Using a blend of practical workshop sessions, both in the classroom and in the live operational space, our instructors track and encourage learning for all individuals, while creating the optimum environment for participation, interaction and collaboration. Providing immediate answers to questions and guiding participants to answers and solutions is real-time personalization in action – and only possible when you have the combination of the right instructor supported by the right tools.

This approach is reinforced with virtual instructor-led training – enabling the classroom and learning environment to reach all learners no matter how far dispersed – and supported with digital collaboration and community-building tools.

Where continual guidance and repetition are crucial, we also use one-to-one coaching and train the trainer approaches where learners are encouraged to support one another in the acquisition of new skills and motivating one another to achieve their learning goals.

Live interaction with educators plus collaboration between learners to drive strong knowledge acquisition..

Targeting the learner’s needs minimizes downtime and increases productivity .

Training labs create hands-on real-world learning environments.

Support from a robust network of skilled, cross-discipline industry certified training professionals.

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