Contact Center CRM

A special relationship with CRM.

With 30+ years in the industry, we know customer relationship management (CRM) - from engagement and automation to knowledge bases and analytics. With a global ecosystem of partners, we identify and evaluate providers to ensure we deliver an end-to-end technology solution that’s tailored to your needs.

One size does not fit all.

Whether you need support with initial consulting and needs analysis or devising and integrating a fully managed solution complete with training, our cross-discipline expert teams will guide you every step of the way towards the right contact center CRM solution.

We know every brand has different needs.  Whether you are looking to make your first real investment into a CRM or looking to build on an existing technology stack; whether you operate in an industry with minimal touchpoints or one where only technologies at the leading edge can keep up with rising customer expectations. In all cases, you can rest assured that we work in partnership with your organization to create a platform that reflects your industry, integrating legacy systems and recognizing your business processes, while keeping the customer at its core.

Powerful partnerships.
Benefit from economies of scale and our relationships with all major players.

Expert support.
Our depth of understanding ensures we make your CRM work for you.

Tailored results.
We deploy CRM solutions to deliver the best results for operational CX based on your needs and legacy systems.

Integrate for a Smarter CRM.

Even if your organization has a leading CRM, we know that often, systems’ capabilities don’t extend to the contact center environment or speak to one another. As a result, staff must switch between different systems to understand and respond to a customer’s needs. Reducing productivity, this lack of integration can lead to errors in data capture and transfer, impacting the success of your brand experience.

Modular, multilingual, responsive and designed with security and a user-friendly interface, our Smart CRM – powered by innso – is a seamless integration layer to enable your agents to better connect with customers across  your legacy systems. Pulling all relevant data from your existing CRM, we make it easier to have a complete view of an individual customer, including history, interactions and context, across every stage of the customer journey.

Our Smart CRM removes the frustration and reduces the time needed for imputing information to update systems, leaving agents free to focus on the most important aspect of their job – helping your customers.

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