Cloud-Based CX Solutions

Elevate your business into the cloud.

Cost-efficient, scalable and flexible, our cloud-based CX solutions offer a secure platform for endless growth and innovation.

Vast efficiencies, endless opportunities.

One of the biggest obstacles smaller, fast-growth companies face when transitioning to omnichannel CX is the financial restraint. In today’s digital era, meeting customer expectations can require major hardware and software investments. However, for many businesses, the return on investment is often short term as developments in technology and ever-changing customer demands can make on-premise solutions quickly obsolete. Staying in the lead and remaining competitive from an infrastructure perspective is something that brands need support from partners like Sitel Group. If you’re looking to deliver exceptional CX that’s flexible and scalable, a cloud-based solution may be right for you.

Sitel OmniPlatform+.

Sitel OmniPlatform+ is a cloud-based CX solution for organizations of all sizes and all stages of the business process outsourcing journey. Powered by NICE/InContact and designed to meet seasonal peaks and demands, Sitel OmniPlatform+ is a scalable and agile tool that can be deployed across several sites (in-house or managed by Sitel) as well as a remote team environment. Backed by a multi-step security process and always-on, always-there capabilities, the platform serves as a robust cloud-based solution for companies looking to deliver business continuity, with the ability to connect wherever and avoid costly downtime.

A platform built with a plus.

Making a cloud-based CX solution work is about more than the technology – it takes support and expertise too. Sitel’s BPO and OmniPlatform+ experts provide a seamless setup, so YOU don’t have to – with no hardware or software upgrades to manage or additional hiring required. As a fully managed and hosted platform, Sitel OmniPlatform+ scales to your business needs to deliver flexible, unified contact center expertise, with multi-site support, 24/7 assistance and global implementation – all while increasing functionality and efficiency and reducing cost.

Intelligent CX innovations.

Data is the foundation of innovation. And as it reaches new heights in technology, more and more companies are leveraging cloud-based solutions to connect their data and make it more accessible. By making your data easily accessible, it enables you to make better decisions, faster – opening the door to greater opportunity for innovation, like data analytics or AI. Built with security at the core, OmniPlatform+ is GDPR and PCI compliant to connect and secure your data end-to-end across all channels, while cutting down speed to market and total cost of ownership.

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