Case Management

Seamless, personal and efficient communication.

Drive Customer Satisfaction with Seamless Communications

With fully customizable workflows and the ability to integrate with third party platforms, Sitel® Case Management makes agents more efficient, supporting cost savings and driving customer satisfaction. By capturing all of your customer support interactions in one place, our solution enables seamless, personal and efficient communication.


Agents use a single tool to access customer profile and history, no matter the customer’s chosen channel.


Informed and refined by Sitel’s contact center know-how and advanced workflows.


The dynamic interface makes it easy for agents to meet customers’ needs, driving increased customer satisfaction.

A flexible solution that adapts to your changing needs, Sitel Case Management is capable of supporting the most complex of businesses. By providing personalized support tailored to your brand service levels–when and where customers need it–driving customer satisfaction case management solutions supports your customer experience (CX) optimization.

Measurable Results

Drive customer satisfaction with seamless communications.


Faster Average Handle Time (AHT)


Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Sitel Case Management manages all of your customer interactions through a single, dynamic interface and integrates with other, third-party solutions. It has the flexibility to be fully configured to your preferences, including scripting, workflows and knowledge bases, delivering the optimal customer and agent experience.

Sitel Case Management enables real-time monitoring of open and closed customer conversations and requests. One unified dashboard integrates all data and provides a global overview, enabling managers to monitor the number of inquiries, for example, by country, service or manager.

Sitel Case Management links seamlessly with other products across Sitel Group’s EXP+™, including Sitel Knowledge Base, further enhancing your CX.

Build brand loyalty through human connection.
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