Brand Communities & Community Management

Celebrate with your fans.

If your company has a strong customer base and well-received products or services, then your brand community is already out there. The question is: are you part of it?

If you’re creating buzz online, take ownership of the conversation and convert that noise into business value. Bring those voices and insights together in one place – and get them to work for you – by creating a platform for those conversations and an experience for its users.

Let your advocates advocate for you.

No one knows what it’s like to use your products and services better than your best customers. With our support and expertise, you can create and continually enhance a brand community that harnesses this collective knowledge. With a brand community, you’ll create self-service content deflecting low-complexity calls from your contact center, boost your marketing efforts and accelerate the research, development and launch of new offerings.

Our brand communities empower your customers. By providing a curated space where their voices come together, you can crowdsource your customer self-service. This direct involvement with your brand enhances customer loyalty which in turn strengthens the community and makes it simple to identify your strongest brand advocates.

Superusers are the cornerstone of every successful brand community. While superusers make up only 1% of a brand community, they generate the majority of the content – so you must identify them, engage with them and design a specific program to nurture their loyalty. As brand community experts, we deploy a robust methodology to ensure success.

Create advocates.
By engaging your most loyal and knowledgeable customers.

Self-serve your CX.
Allowing customers to resolve challenges with the support of their peers.

Grow your community.
Building your brand conversation in an organic channel.

Beyond FAQs – delivering authentic connections with your customers.

By partnering with Sitel, you’ll create brand communities integrated with your social media and business strategy to build direct and authentic connections with your customers. With a clearly identified business need at its core – built and managed on the right platform with the right messaging – an online brand community becomes more than an evolving set of frequently asked questions (FAQs). Instead, it grows into a forum for recognizing and celebrating your most passionate customers, building brand loyalty and gaining valuable business insights.

Unlock the business value of brand communities.

Through promotion, management and moderation, our experts ensure your community becomes the most accurate and trusted repository for your brand’s content. By monitoring common call drivers and through customer journey mapping, we engage the community to generate the help and guidance needed for customers to resolve their own issues. Through analytics and community management, we identify your biggest influencers and advocates and integrate them into your overall marketing and promotional activities.

The place to be in the Trust Economy.

A brand community delivers a real return on investment with measurable improvements in CX, lower costs to serve, R&D efficiencies and improved customer loyalty. Ensure your company has a social place to call its own, and begin a conversation with your customers where they can produce authentic,  reusable content – and build trust among peers and visitors. Here, you’ll turn contributors into ambassadors and prospects into customers.

Don’t leave your community to chance.

Whether moderating a dedicated branded forum of your own or leveraging our community management services in an open group, we can help you recognize and tap into your superusers to keep the forum active and easy to understand – making sure the community remains a fun, respectful space for interaction. Depending on the size of the community, team members and superusers focus on specific tasks from moderation to content ideation. Once mature, a healthy brand community takes care of itself with minimal enforcement from our community management experts.

Play the game.

By leveraging gamification – be it leaderboards, upvoting, prizes or other forms of recognition – community members are rewarded for their contributions in a way that keeps them engaged.  Greater engagement leads to content that stands out and members taking proactive steps to help when new members join or potential customers post questions; all of which benefits the brand and the customer.

Develop self service.

Contact deflection.

User-generated content.

Traffic quality.

Build better products.

Revenue generation.

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