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|What Makes Sitel® MAX Different (and More than a Traditional Voice of the Employee Program)

What Makes Sitel® MAX Different (and More than a Traditional Voice of the Employee Program)

Maximizing the employee experience is key to outstanding customer experience (CX) delivery. However, creating the optimum employee experience means more than annual surveys and feedback sessions.

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by Olivier Camino December 8, 2020 - 2 MIN READ

As Sitel Group®’s co-founder, I have an absolute responsibility to embody my organization’s values and, crucially, translate those values into a positive employee experience.

Maximum Impact 

Maximizing and sustaining our employees’ experience is what motivated me and my teams to develop Sitel® MAX (My Associate Experience) and, 12 months on from its inception and launch, we have seen a 14-point improvement in our global eNPS score, attrition reduced by 1.1 points and we’re beginning to see a tangible boost on our productivity as well.

Today, we’re thinking about the experience first and ensuring we create the best environment for our people to thrive.

MAXimum Engagement

Rather than simply surveying our people or giving them the ability to cast a vote on how each of these pillars could be built on or reinforced on an annual or even quarterly basis, MAX puts them in the driving seat making them active participants in identifying elements to address and the architects of the corresponding solution.

This approach, delivered through a digital global community, creates an ongoing design, iteration, test and launch process where our people are continuously engaged, empowered and crucially, inspired. They are then able to channel their understanding, expertise and expectations to improve their experience as members of the Sitel Group family.

Maximum Momentum

If we imagine the employee-led input as a gear that meshes with and turns leadership’s own input gear regarding experience design through development, co-creation, user testing and user experience (UX), this in turn drives employee experience.

In my recent keynote at our annual conference, EmpowerCX, I spoke at length about how MAX and its use of an ongoing UX framework has delivered some outstanding innovations in terms of the digital tools and processes we use – on both a local and global level. It has also been a crucial element of moving our people to a remote work-at-home environment while maintaining and even improving on clients’ metrics.

In fact, if you visit our blog on a regular basis, you will be struck by how often we have already discussed Sitel MAX and what it has delivered over the past several months.

Maximum Differentiator

The reason why Sitel MAX is being positioned so prominently is two-fold. Firstly, I don’t just believe, I know that this approach is already making a tangible difference to our employee experience (which in turn means we are massively differentiated from our competitors when it comes to delivering on client expectations).

By building a company where employees are happy to work and want to succeed, the whole organization benefits.

I would prefer it if we could maintain our obvious differentiation when it comes to managing and delivering an end-to-end CX. But because we’re in a leading position within the BPO industry, we also have a responsibility to set an example to and inspire other organizations to follow our lead.

The key to a successful digital business transformation is to build an organization around its customers, putting them at the center of the business. However, if your employees aren’t already there to meet your customers and deliver on their needs, you’ll come up short.

All of which is why focusing on the employee experience MAXimizes your ability to focus on your clients. Because we know the employee experience is the customer experience. 

Olivier Camino
written by Olivier Camino Founder & COO
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